You Can't Ignore the Signs

1. I had a series of Henry snapshots hanging on my wall along with a bunch of other photos I'd pilfered from a photo lab. Over a period of months the H.T. ones began to fall off the wall. Only his. It gnawed at me at the time and I tried to ignore it. I knew it was foreshadowing, signalling the beginning of the end. Around December I pulled them all down in disgust.

2. After awakening from a long evening out, I tried to find my keys. Sadly, they'd separated themselves from their Texas keychain. I was miffed and planned on fixing it. After a few months I realized that I didn't even miss the trinket. I did save it though.

3. A friend thoughtlessly grabbed my Alamo glass from the cupboard to get a drink of water (I have glasses to drink from and glasses to hoarde). As soon as water hit it, it shattered. He feared my ire, knowing full well of my fondness for all things Texan. Uncharacteristically, I just chuckled and said it was no big deal. I wasn't even lying. I'm normally protective of my posessions and I didn't even care.

4. While all this soul searching was going on I ran out of checks. My cowboy checks. OK this isn't too profound a connection, but it stood out in my mind. Everything was falling apart. It wasn't easy to deal with. Choosing between cherubs, endangered animals, and Dilbert, is tougher than you may think.

5. This Porche kept tailgating me and I was already well over the speed limit. I was like what the fuck is his problem?! As he passed me I figured it out, he had Texas plates. What a bastard. Then minutes later another car started annoying me with their driving. My blood started boiling and then I realized it was a Texas auto too! I've had it with the whole lot of 'em.

6. I became acquainted with this guy who said that he had a "Film Threat" with Hank in it. This was news to me and of course I wanted desperately to see it. Howvever, this wasn't a friend and wasn't sure how to contact him. Later I ran into him and he mentioned the article and told me he'd xerox it. I never followed up. Months later I ran into him again and he said he'd bring it with him to work and I could stop in and get it. I never did. My apathy worried me. This is when I started realizing that something truly was amiss. Actually I "would" like to see this article, but at this point I'd feel like a nut asking that guy for the xerox. Are there any "Film Threat" readers out there who know about this article?--I have since found this article and had one more incident. My "Lonestar" brand phone broke, but it was o.k. because I wasn't planning on bringing it to N.Y. anyway.

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