Along with Lukas Haas, Henry Thomas was one of the first media boys whose careers I followed in anticipation of every next movie. Even tho, at the time, I had a real, affectionate, 3-dimensional friend living with me exactly Henry's age, I spent my "unattainable lusts" on the likes of him. These days I buy nice videos when i find them for $10 or less, and watch a movie when I can, usually 1 or two a month. I even end up getting some without boy stars and am pleasantly surprised. Strange Days and 12 Monkeys are both awesome. Darn, but I prefer real persons today, even if they aren't Henry.

But please don't give up your obsessions unless they give up on you. Personally, my prime obsession was drugs until they consumed me. Now I'm careful about any little thang that I might possibly be obsessin on, then stamp it out. Such is the cost of over indulgence.

If you're not on the internet yet, then get there. You'll go ape shit over news-groups such as alt.teen-idols and alt.binaries.teen-idols. Posting a request for Henry Thomas pix and why will probably inundate you. But again, I just stick to

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