Sean's family members will be discussed on this page. Some biographical information is listed about each of them and pictures are included where available.

John Astin

Sean's father, John Astin, was born on March 30, 1930 in Baltimore, Maryland. He has five sons in total. Three from his first marriage; David, Allen and Tom, and two from his marriage to Patty Duke; Sean and Mackenzie. John is probably best known for his role on the hit '60s television show "The Addams Family", but he has also starred in many other productions including Freaky Friday in 1977 with Jodie Foster and The Frighteners with Michael J. Fox. Although his career has been moving slowly recently, it is still steady, and I'm sure we will still see more of John in the movies in the future.

Mackenzie Astin

Sean's only full brother, Mackenzie Alexander Astin, was born on May 12, 1973 in California. He began acting at a fairly young age, with roles in television such as a part on "The Facts of Life" and in movies such as The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. Mackenzie followed in Sean's footsteps, earning the status of a teen idol in '80s and gracing more than a few teen magazine covers. He disapeared from the acting world for a while during the late '80s and early '90s, but came back in 1992 with a role in a TV and in 1994 with the staring role in Iron Will. Mackenzie recently played the role of Henry Villard in In Love and War, based on Ernest Hemingway's life, and he has recently starred in The Last Days of Disco and will be in the upcoming The Sky Is Falling along with his brother Sean. Mackenzie clearly has a promising acting career ahead of him, so look out for more of his movies!


Patty Duke

Patty Duke (aka Anna Marie Duke, Anne Pearce, Patty Duke Astin) is Sean's mother. She was born on December 14, 1946 in Elmhurst, New York. She has been married quite a few times, but her only children were with John Astin, and they were obviously Mackenzie and Sean. She also legally adopted three of John's previous son's when they got married, and being a mother to them was a hard task for her. In her autobiography, Patty also stated that Sean was "the answer to my prayers" when her was born. In 1982, Patty was also diagnosed with manic depression, which explained many of the ups and downs that she'd gone though earlier in life. Patty is well known for her roles in several movies such as the controversial Valley of the Dolls in 1967 and Prelude to a Kiss in 1992. Patty continues to act to this day, mainly taking roles in made-for-TV movies nowadays. She is not planning on quitting acting anytime soon.

Christine Astin

Christine Astin (nee Harrell) has been Sean's wife since July 12, 1992. I really don't know much about her except that she co-produced the short film Kangaroo Court with Sean in 1994, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Also, Christine is the mother of Alexandra Louise Astin, her and Sean's first and only child.

Alexandra Louise Astin

Alexandra Louise Astin is Sean and Christine's first and only child thusfar. She is four years old now, born on November 27, 1996 at 5:15 pm.  I finally have a photo of Ali which I believe was taken in February of 2001. Ali will soon be seen on-screen as well alongside her dad in the Lord of the Rings movies, where she'll play the small role of Samwise Gamgee's daughter Elanor.

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