The Purpose of SEARCH

The general purpose of SEARCH is to deal with the needs of young people who are in their middle and late teens, as well as, people in their early twenties. As a result search tries to: -share what Christianity means today -share what our responsibilities are as a Christian -share how we can use our Christianity in our everyday life -share the needed tools of living out our Christianity -share out identity- "who am I as a child of God?" -lead youth to a commitment in thier lives to God, to self and to living out Christianity in their everyday lives. -Finnaly give youth an experience of God in their lives; God is a lover, conforter and healer first, then experience God as one who challenges and leads us to others.

Brief History of SEARCH in Regina Saskatchewan

SEARCH began in California in 1962 when some individuals felt that somthing was needed for youth. There was a need to have a youth oriented ministry. Search moved from the USA into Canada through the city of Winnipeg. It then moved form Winnipeg to Regina, where it has it's beginings in 1978. For the first couple of years, the weekend was held at Fort San, in the Qu'Appelle Valley. Later SEARCH moved to Sr. McGuigan H.S, Regina, where it had been held until the school closed in June of 1989. Presently it is held at Dr Martin Leboldus High School,Regina.NEXT SEARCH IS February 5-7 1999 . E-MAIL US THROUGH THE JESUS FREAKS APPLET FOR INFO!


The "SEARCH for Christian Maturity" program is a weekend in which youth (15 years of age and older) are given an experience of Christian community; somthing they may, or may not, experience in their homes, school, or parish. The program is a unique kind of youth to youth ministry. An atmosphere of openness and caring is created on the weekend so young people can let down their defences. This hopefully allows them to take an honest look at themselves, along with their relationship with God. The emphasis of the weekend is not to overload young people with info and doctrine, but ,to try and take the things we already know and believe as Christians and make them alive. Many young people come to discover for the first time, that God loves them and that they can reach Him. This discovery takes place within the framework of the Church - for example some topics looked at are: my relationship with God, Church, Sacraments, and prayer. Search is a program for youth, but it is also for the Church. Prayer support form the Church is an important part of any given weekend; this is provided by other people who have previously participated in a SEARCH weekend. Through SEARCH one gains a sence of who they are in relation to God and the Church, and many other important Christian issues.


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