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Who we are:

A.K. Security Associates Ltd. is the first truly independent and non product affiliated security consulting service in Cyprus. Through our local and international network of consultants, all leaders in their own respective fields, we are able to offer comprehensive and professional solutions to your organisation's security needs. From simple Loss Prevention strategy, to complex security design or research, for any industry or organisation, we can deliver the best results always within your budget.

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What is Security:

Security is a complex organisational function. Its complexity and form depends upon the organisation employing it. Security is not about locks and bolts. Read any dictionary definition of security and it will throw up a number of possible interpretations, amongst the best of which is its definition "that which serves as a guard or guarantee".

Security exists to serve the needs of the organisation that employs it. It must facilitate the prime function, not restrict it. There is nothing to be gained by introducing a high security system into an organisation that does not require one. Security itself will have its own specific goals and these will involve any number of tasks and responsibilities. Its prime role ultimately, will be to protect an organisation or company's assets - its property, products, equipment, reputation and its clients and employees.

 Security, broadly involves the cost - effective protection of assets and the elimination, prevention or reduction of losses within an organisation by using Risk Management in assessing the probability to predict the consequences of such events.


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Our Services:

We, at A.K. Security Associates, are able to offer a comprehensive answer to all your security needs, irrespective of the size of your organisation. Our highly qualified professionals, will work closely with you to assess your requirements and offer the best solutions to cater for all your security needs.


Our Services include:

Security Consulting: Our professional staff have the necessary specialised knowledge and skills to provide independent, non-product-affiliated consultation to all our clients. Our Consulting Services include evaluation of security products and services, Security System Design and formulation and evaluation of tenders.


Risk Analysis and Management: Our Risk Management Services include identification of the potential losses of an organisation and formulation of the steps to be taken to avoid or reduce them. Losses can be due to a variety of factors, such as theft, internal crime or vandalism. Also, losses through fire, safety problems, and product or third party liability are among the leading concerns of most Risk Managers. Our Risk Analysis Services involve the evaluation of the effect risks have on a particular organisation in terms of the potential for loss. The Analysis outlines where, when, and how the risk is likely to be incurred. It also covers the extent of loss or liability if the risk is incurred and how badly the organisation would be injured if this loss or liability is, in fact, incurred.


Fraud Prevention: In the corporate context, fraud can be categorised as being internal (committed by insiders, i.e., officers, directors, employees, and agents) and external (committed by outsiders, i.e., vendors, contractors, and suppliers). Corporate fraud can also be classified as to those committed by insiders against the company (violation of government regulations, i.e., tax, securities, safety, and health laws). As in most cases it is extremely difficult to detect fraud, unless there are obvious signs; the best policy on dealing with fraud is through prevention.


Health and Safety: The regulation of Industrial Health and Safety has constituted a vital part of the work of the European Community. As from January 1997, Cyprus has introduced a highly regulated Health and Safety Law. With the introduction of this, it is intended to promote an increase in the quality of life, through the reduction of the human, social and economic costs of accidents and ill-health. Also it is advocated that the introduction of more efficient work practices is said to bring with it increased productivity and better industrial relations. Our company is able to assist you in implementing all those aspects of the Health and Safety Law that may affect your organisation.


Data and Network Security: The term computer security means more than a protective focus on a piece of computer hardware. It embraces a much wider range of protection that considers environmental influences and other threats; the security of the building housing the computer; the power (type and demand load; the cabling, disks, and tapes holding the information; the information's value to the data owners; and the communications system). Each requires different forms of protection. Broadly speaking, protection must address the three distinct aspects of computer security: the information's confidentiality, its accuracy and integrity, and the availability of the data to its users when needed. By raising some preliminary questions, one can see how vulnerable an internet or Intranet site is at risk. Do all your employees need to access all your data? Do you regularly backup your files and data? Is your Internet / Intranet site secure enough, or can anyone get access to your network and your data?


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Your Assurance to Quality:

Service: We deliver our services to meet the needs of our customers. We listen and we serve.

Integrity: We earn the trust of those we serve by operating ethically and professionally.

Confidentiality: We guarantee that we maintain the highest level of confidentiality for all information received from or belonging to our customers.

Quality: We deliver the products and services that our customers need. We measure quality by our customers satisfaction.



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How to contact us:

For Further Information please contact:

Mr. Petros R. Antoniades LL.B (Hons) M.Sc. Security Management & Information Technology ASIS ACFE

A.K. Security Associates Ltd
12 A. Araouzou Street (Adjacent to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry)

Suite 202

P.O. Box 4630
1061 Nicosia

Telephone: +357-2-754433

Facsimile: +357-2-754422



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