Roleplay:- Live
Fools and Heroes- Derby Dranch: The Heroes and Fools of Derby FnH
KinCheap: High quality Laytex Weapons

Roleplay:- Rolemaster
Iron Crown Enterprises: The home of MERP and Rolemaster.
The Guild Companion: E-zine, replacing the vacume left by portals (and other publications).

Roleplay:- Shadowrun
FASA corporation: The makers of Shadowrun and Earthdawn.
Blackjacks Shadowrun Page: The Shadowrun Guru.
Deep Resonance: A place for all things Shadowrun. The home of Blackjacks Corner, and the Shadowrun Archive.

Other pages by Sir Fenris
The Tales of Robin Hood: A Tourist attraction in Nottingham, England.
fashiongrad99: An online gallery of work by fashion students at the Nottingham Trent University
digatel: The final project of one of the above students

The Unofficial Clannad website: The best Clannad site on the Web

Darkisle: Lots of images of castles and celtic sites.
The Gallery of Kalendraa: A massive gallery of Fantasy Art and Images.
John Howe Annotated Artwork: A collection of Tolkien Inspired art by John Howe.

Internet Design
The Outpost: A fellow students page, has a great guide to HTML.
Javascript made simple: Loads of sample scripts and full annotated code listings, a great site.
Custom Effects: Loads of Javascript, background images and fonts, a new desktop Theme, Background and True-Type Font daily.

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