Lindsey News-Photos-and More

-Lindsey is presently getting ready to release a new solo album and also is working on and featured in Stevie's new solo album en-tilted "ENCHANTED". Lindsey's new album is exspected to be released in the Fall of 98'.

-Lindsey WILL be touring for his upcoming album and according to a recent Rolling Stone article, Mick Fleetwood will also be touring along with him to play drums on Lindsey's songs.

-Lindsey is featured on the front page of the Guitar World web site. It includes the Guitar World interview from Dec. You can check it out here

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"Countin' on my fingers, Countin' on my toes"-The Ledge-Tusk

"What makes you think your the one?"

"Here comes the nightime lookin' for a little more, watin' on the right time, somebody outside the door"-Not That Funny-Tusk