Hi, I am glad you came to see me. I have a wonderful home in Dublin, GA with my grandparents. I lived with my mother in Atlanta, GA until I retired in the country at the age of 11 years. I have a big backyard that of course is fenced in and I live in a room with a view of it all. The glass-enclosed room has a jacuzzi tub and many beds for me to choose from. I also have a 5-year old little brother SHIH-TZU dog named Andy.I love him more than he loves me, but overall we get along fine.


Unfortunately, shortly before I turned 13 years, I developed fibroid tumors in my leg. This was in addition to the fatty tumor I had lived with for several years. These tumors attached to my leg bones and made it very difficult to walk. This added to my arthritic condition. My family could not allow me to suffer, so they discussed it with the vet. There was no way to improve his condition, so the sad decision was made to end his suffering. The vet handled everything and said it was for the best. The funeral was nice and attended by several neighbors. Spencer, aka King of the Road, is missed by many and was always a best friend to his family.

SPENCER THE GREAT-1985 to 1998

My Snazzy List of Links

Labrador Retrievers: ......a list of places with others from labrador like me
Labrabrats: ......dogs getting into mischief at home
Univ. of Georgia football game:.......easy to believe if you own a labrador
Dolly and Larry's page: .......my grandparents page
A Page About MC: .......my mother's page which is great because she brags about me a lot!!!
Larry's Page: Some of Larry's Interests


Picture of Spencer: ......with his first love Katie,the black labrador
Shih-Tzu Brother with me: .....a picture of Spencer and Andy at home
Picture of Spencer at Home : ......there's no place like home
Yuppie Puppy Picture: ....yes, I have a diploma that I can do this all day long
Shih-Tzu Brother: .....Andy at home lying around
Spencer in Bed: ........Spencer lying around at home
Spencer Picture in Recliner: ......as King of the Road and the House

Love to get mail about Spencer-I miss him so much!


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