Spike + Buffy...WHAT!!!???
Spike + Buffy...WHAT!?

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The title of my page is Spike + Buffy...WHAT!? because that's what most are probably thinking! When you visit this site and think of Buffy and Spike in a Romantic situation you probably say: "What?! That's not right!" Well in my world it is!

While I was watching various Buffy and Spike episodes I noticed they had a spark and maybe that spark could develop and thus this site was born!

I have tried endlessly to get my friend Starr to create a Spike + Buffy web page (she is the all might when it comes to HTML), but she didn't have time, so she agreed to help with this web page! (YEAHH!) So, expect a lot more to come!

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Questions? Comments? Ideas? Do you love me because I made this site?(he, he). Then by all means e-mail me!