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Welcome to my MIDI page. In this page I have put up my best song file collection. SOON TO BE ADDED ALL REAL AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES

This page contains songs of different format like MIDI, WAV, MOD, S3M, XM,etc. So download songs of your choice.

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All that she wants:
Babybaby - by corona:
Barbie girl - AQUA:
It's a beautiful life - ACE of BASE:
Children - By Robert Miles:
Coco Jumbo:
Control your body - 2unlimited:
Cotten eye joe:
Mega dance mix:
Dr.jones - AQUA:
Frozen - Madonna:
Get down and move it all around - Backstreet boys:
Do what is good for me - 2unlimited:
Heal the world - Michael jackson:
I am bad - BaD by Michael jackson:
Liberian girl - Michael Jackson:
No limit - 2unlimited:
Loveme,loveme - Lovefool:
Macerena - Los del rio:
Maria - Ricky Martin:
Men In Black:
It's my life - Dr alban:
My oh my:
Oh ahh just a litte bit:
Tribal dance - 2unlimited:
We are the world - Michael Jackson:
Where do you go :
X-Files theme song:
Dr.Alban (MOD) format:
All that she wants - Ace of Base (MOD) format:
Bad - Michael Jackson (MOD) format:
Enigma (MOD) format:
Mission Impossible Theme song (MOD) format:
No-Limit - 2Unlimited (MOD) format:
Savage (MOD) format:
Meetro (S3M) format:
Speed music (MOD) format:
Sex music (S3M) format:
Air music (S3M) format:
Love music (S3M) format:
D-sitd (S3M) format:
All the mod files compressed in ZIP format :
All the MIDI files compressed in ZIP format:
Module player MOD playing software, you will need this to play all the files on this site:
I like to moveit moveit - Outhere Brothers (S3M) format:
Prodigy the 6th (S3M) format:
Mystic music (S3M) format:
Rainfall (S3M) format:
Rainforest (S3M) format:
Mash Theme song (MIDI) format:
Bridge - Ace og Base:
Aladdin theme song:
Can u feel the love tonight - Elton john:
Chariots of fire - theme song:
Desire my heart:
Doom theme song:
Father figure - George Michael:
Hum dono kamiab:
Indiana Jones theme song:
Jana gana Mana - INDIA's national anthem - a must have file:
Lovestory theme song:
Pukarta Chalah huon:
Dr.Zhivago theme song:
Zombie Sheryl Crow:
007 James Bond theme song (MOD) format:
About you love song (MOD) format:
Hurt love song (S3M) format:
It matters - it the best relaxing music on net (S3M) format:
Misery - another relaxing music (XM) format:
Pump up the volume - metal music (MOD) format:
Soycd1 a very lenghthy song 30:25 minutes - soothing music a must have (MOD) format:
Soycd2 - a shorter version but a different music (MOD) format:
Style blend - the best beat music on net (MOD) format:
TM balnd music (WAV) format:

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