Surgical Menopause (Female Castration)

The following case is documented and true. All medical papers relating to this woman's case, as well as the video that was made during the 2nd surgery will soon be posted. The posting of this information, along with detailed accounts of how other women are treated, will expose how the medical community has been misinforming woman and will demonstrate what lengths they have gone to in order to protect each other and not to expose themselves.

Mention should be made that these images were offered to to be included with their public "image gallery". To date, a response to the offer nor comments on this information has not been sent. The fact that OBGYN has a policy of censoring posts to their forum which relate or pertain to the tubal ligation scandal leads this author to believe that they will not be accepting the offer. The act of intentionally removing posts which would help women is a good example of how the medical community in whole has been concealing this information about tubal ligations.

The whole subject of tubal ligations causing hormonal imbalances and in some cases castration is taboo. Not discussing the topic clearly demonstrates the contempt and disregard the whole medical community has regarding women's health in general.

The following photo's are from one woman's health history and shows how in her case she lost the function of BOTH her ovaries from a tubal ligation surgery. The event may be rare in a sense of both ovaries quickly lost function after the tubal, but what isn't so rare is a woman losing ONE OVARY due to the surgery. This in itself could explain why some women experience PTS, heavy periods, and other hormonal symptoms. This information and other negative information has been found to be true with tubal ligation has been withheld form prospective consumers of tubal ligations. Women who experience PTS, and heavy periods after a tubal are also not informed, and not properly treated medically for their condition. (One of the most common mistreatments of post tubal women are they are put on the pill with out baseline or repeated hormone testing.) If women were totally informed about all the known risks of tubal surgeries, especially with tubal ligations, they would not be so willing to consent to the surgery.

This woman had a tubal ligation in the Fall of 95', age 34. The method used was to burn (with electricity).

The first photograph was taken at the time of her tubal surgery and shows normal healthy ovaries. Prior to the tubal the woman was in great health, was having regular periods, and never had a pelvis surgery prior to the tubal. The post operative report from this 1st surgery states that the organs look normal and are of average size. Major health changes happened and were noted after the tubal. Hormone level tests (two years after her surgery at age 36) confirmed menopause with highly elevated levels. Her FSH was almost 92 and her LH was 27.

The 2nd and 3rd photographs show the same ovaries a little less than 3 years after the tubal surgery and shows what happened to her ovaries and their blood supply. The video which will soon be posted shows this in much more detail. The blood supply was destroyed to her ovaries (on both sides) during the tubal ligation.

The amputation of the ovaries from their blood supply caused surgical menopause, or female castration. The ovaries were not removed at the time of the tubal surgery and are held in place with connective tissue. Even though they were not physically removed from her body they were still removed from her system and rendered useless so she was technically castrated. The ovaries are quite small, about 1/3 of their normal size, atrophic, hard, white, and shows no function.

An example of a normal uterus and ovaries of a young women can be viewed at:

An example of a normal uterus and ovaries of an older menopausal woman can be viewed at:


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