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Firstly, before we get onto the interesting stuff, a little bit about myself. I am 35 and I live in a village called Kempston, which is near the shire town of Bedford in the UK.

I am an Electronics Production Engineer and specialise in the manufacture of printed circuit board assemblies using surface mount technology. If you too recognise the terms MS102, SP120, and SiPlace drop me a line as I'm sure we have a few tails to tell!

So on to my interests....

The G7HZQ bit is my Ham Radio callsign, and I am actively interested in packet radio which is a sort of Internet on the airwaves (I think it's because I am just mike shy). I am also into the reception of weather satellite pictures, straight from the satellites as they fly overhead.

A picture from Meteosat.

I am also interested in Home Cinema. I'm sure you know the thing I'm on about. Surround sound, big screen, blockbuster movies and REAL LOUD! Well the neighbours do!

Talking of really loud things, I am also interested in Motor Racing of most forms. If it has an engine and goes fast then you would probably find me watching it. Rallying, Formula 1, Touring Cars, Stock Cars, Bangers, and Motorcycle racing are some of the sports I have taken an interest in some time or another. There are plenty of my photographs reproduced in my Motor Sport Photo Gallery and there is also a few pages dedicated to rallying and in particular the Subaru Impreza Turbo. You will find news on the Impreza in the world championship as well as a personal test drive and report of the road going varients including my own Impreza Turbo Catalunya.

Combining two of my interests I started two Formula 1 based competitions in 1996 on the packet radio network which was carried through to 1997 and further details of the current 1998 season can be found on these web pages.

73 de Steve G7HZQ

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