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The DVD-DATA listserv mailing list has been created to encourage discussion about DVD technology as used for DATA STORAGE.

These topics are recommended for the DVD-DATA list:

If you are interested in VIDEO applications this is NOT the correct list. Check out the DVD-L list.

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Subscribing to the DVD-DATA list

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Interested in DVD Video?

Discussions about DVD Video should be directed to the sister DVD-L list. This includes topics about recording, editing, and copying DVD Video using computer equipment. For more informaton about the DVD Video list, visit:


DVD-DATA list archives

Messages on the DVD-DATA list are archived and are available to the world at large at the Archives of DVD-DATA.

Questions About the DVD-DATA list?

The list manager of the DVD-DATA list is Ray Lauff (ray@temple.edu).

The list cheerleader for the DVD-DATA list is Steve Rothman (stard@tiac.net).

And if you have questions about DVD for data storage? Ask 'em on the list!

DVD for Data Storage FAQ

1. Where can I get more information about DVD for Data Storage?

1.a The DVD Frequently Asked Questions List

The best single source of general information on DVD is the DVD Frequently Asked Questions list.

A section of the DVD FAQ is specifically about Recordable DVD.

1.b Some other sources

DVD Forum (the official DVD standards organization)

DVD+RW page (the Sony, Philips, H-P format)

Compact Disc Homepage DVD Information

InfoStor article on Writable DVD Market

2. Who are the manufacturers of writable DVD drives and media?

2.a DVD-R (sales started in Spring 1998)

Pioneer: DVR-S101

2.b DVD-RAM (sales started in Summer 1998)

Hitachi: GF-1000, G-1050, GF-1055

Matsushita/Panasonic: LF-D101U

Toshiba: SD-W1001

2.c DVD+RW (aka "+RW") (projected for 1999)

Hewlett-Packard: press release

Philips: press release

Sony: press release

2.d DVD-RW (projected for 1999?)

Pioneer: press release

2.e others

NEC: MMVF (nothing on web site)

3. Retailers for writable DVD drives and media


Inception: Pioneer DVD-R


AOpen: DVD-520S (wholesaler)


Creative: Creative PC-DVD RAM

The Creative PC-DVD RAM is intended for Windows 95/98. But Todd Buchanan's web site describes how it can be installed on a Macintosh clone as well.

Digital Connection: DVD-520S

Inception: Panasonic DVD-RAM

LaCie: LaCie DVD-RAM

4. Who sells writable DVD jukeboxes, libraries


Luminex (along with their own integrated drivers for various OS)

NSM Jukebox


5. Software support for writable DVD


Smart Storage: SmartCD (NT only)

Software Architects: Write UDF! (Windows 95/98)


Software Architects: DVD-RAM TuneUp

Commercial Unix

iXOS Jukeman


Smart Storage

Tracer Technologies


DVD-RAM patch (not UDF)

Linux UDF info



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