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Black Sheep:

Hopkins pulls wool over Rock's eyes: Don Simpson might now be just an urn-full of ashes (albeit with a street value of $ 600,000) but he'd surely be delighted to know that his partner Jerry Bruckheimer is still using his employement strategies. Bruckheimer's latest spectacular "Black Sheep", will be helmed by Peter Darley Miller, who like Tony Scott and Michael Bay before him, is an award-winning commercials director. And maintaining the trend of casting black stand-ups a la Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop", the producer has signed Chris Rock to play streetwise chancer who is trained to double for his deceased Secret Service brother by CIA veteran and mentor Anthony Hopkins. If this all sounds too much like "Enemy of the State" to you, don't worry. As the Bruckheimer shooting maxim goes: "If it ain't broke, we'll all still go and watch the thing anyway...."

Anthony Hopkins will star in Walt Disney's "Black Sheep" opposite Chris Rock for action producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The Hannibal star will play a veteran CIA agent who heads an operation that involves Rock's twin brother, a Harvard-educated secret agent. When his twin is killed by the enemy, Rock is called in by the CIA to finish his brother's job. "We always try and have an interesting and unusual pairing of actors, and this is about as creative as you can get", Bruckheimer has said of his strangely, matched co-stars.


Meet Joe Black:

Reviews Total Film/Film Review, pics (magazines and special Dutch TV), interview Dutch TV!



For my birthday I received the Screenplay of Titus ( 35 English Pounds).

The film is already released in America (on videotape and as well on DVD!).



This movie is released on DVD. It's a double DVD-case with a whole DVD containing goodies like: the makings of, trailers, tv-spots, posters and picture galleries and more..... The soundtrack is also available (NICE!).  In the Netherlands it is number 1 in the DVD chart!

The special edition of Silence of the Lambs is number 5 in the DVD charts!


Mission Impossible 2

This movie is released on DVD in America yet and in the Netherlands (and the UK). 


The Mask of Zorro: Article Total Film 1999 (update 2001 with new pics!)


The Edge

I bought the soundtrack after watching the movie again. The film is released on video in Holland (and on DVD in America!). Tracks CD: 1. Lost in the Wild / 2. The Ravine / 3. Birds / 4. Mighty Hunter 5. Bitter Coffee / 6. Stalking / 7. Deadfall / 8. The River 9. Rescued / 10. The Edge



The film is released on DVD now in America! I ordered it and I really enjoyed it very much, despite the bad critics. 

Magazine "Total Film" - the Special Limited Edition (collectors issue - The Brit Issue) contains an article with both the pics of INSTINCT. The UK release will be in September. The article: "Sir Tony goes ape in the wilderness and decides to speak no evil....." Should Anthony Hopkins stand by his recent rant ("To hell with this stu0id show business, this futile, wasteful actor's life") there's a strong chance that INSTINCT, along with the forthcoming Shakespeare adaptation TITUS ANDRONICUS, will be one of the last films he graces with his Oscar-winning presence. Directed by John Turtletaub, who made the tolerable "While You Were Sleeping" and the execrable "3 Ninjas" INSTINCT marks another change of direction for the veteran Welsh actor. After two action/adventure roles (THE EDGE and The Mask of Zorro) and a dramatic flop of epic magnitude MEET JOE BLACK, Hopkins now steps into the straitjacket of dribbling nutcase Dr. Ethan Powell, a once-brilliant primatologist who inexplicably murders three men after a two-years scientific wander in the Rwandan jungle. Psychologically ravaged by his romping-with-the-apes lifestyle, Powell is shuttered away in an asylum, where he tunes out the world and refuses to speak. Years later, in a kind of reverse Silence of the Lambs scenario, his case is taken up by heroic shrink Theo Caulder (Cuba Gooding JR.), who takes up the challenge of coaxing Powell back from the brink of madness and revealing the truth behind his brutal crimes. Early reports indicate that Hopkins delivers another powerful performance, which might even eclipse the monkey effects (courtesy of puppet-master Stan Winston, and hopefully a darn sight better than the talking-primate silliness of "Congo"). While INSTINCT might sound like a yawn-inducing blend of "Awakenings" and "Tarzan", the story (based on the novel "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn) has an underlying millennial spin, focusing on a deep, dark secret lurking in Hopkins' cobwebby brain. Will Gooding JR. discover what it is trough his deft psychological probing? Or is Hopkins destined to remain a mute, misunderstood King of the Swingers" (Dean Evans)

Article Dutch TV Guide "Veronica": Plot: Researcher Ethan Powell (Anthony Hopkins) lived for years in Rwanda to study gorilla's very closely. Powell is taken by the group as a real member and looses any contact with humanity. The rude murder on two people of Rwanda provides him with a stay at the ruthless American prison. Psychiatrist Theo Gaulder (Cuba Gooding JR.) sees in the Powell case a chance to give his career a great shot. Problem: Powell doesn't speak for years anymore. "Instinct" is the name of this miserable creation and that's actually a very ironic title, because all involved give show of little essential  instinct by co-operating in this tasteless Hollywood-case. Anthony Hopkins at the top. The script demands that 'sir' Anthony combines the muscular movements with the mind of his famous creation of Hannibal the Cannibal. Result is ludicrous, but that is not quite such a bad score. Every less talented actor would have ended his career irrevocable! Except for a piece of 'Silence of the Lambs' director John Turtletaub uses many other movies for the benefit of this film. As background he used 'Gorilla's in the Mist', pinch work of the psychiatric classic movie 'One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest' he used for the middle part. Further more other famous film scenes are performed passionately. Result are suspicious scraps, but not only indigestible, but also produces a nasty flavor. Because 'Instinct' is an educating movie, or better: very educating (4 lessons). Who is annoyed by the use of the loud capitals, has to avoid the movie, because the obtrusive film music has the same function. Lesson 1: Humans should live in harmony with nature. Lesson 2: The system used in the prison is inhuman, the guards have the mentality of a executioner and psychiatric patients are sometimes funny and sweet. Lesson 3: To cage an animal in the zoo is wrong. Lesson 4: We have to respect each other and to cherish one another. Gosh! How reality should be reflected, 'Instinct' doesn't show and therefore the movie exposes, despite the pompous tune, a pretentious rubbish of the worst kind. That 'Instinct' isn't completely ludicrous, we have to thank superpositivo Turtletaub for his cinematographic strangle tricks (AD).


Anthony Hopkins: I Quit......

(Film Review February Issue 1999)

Sir Anthony Hopkins told a press conference on December 13 that he's simply had enough of the Hollywood rat race and finds show business "tiresome, disturbing and deeply distasteful" and will soon give it up. The star, who appears with Brad Pitt in "Meet Joe Black" told the conference that he has "got to get out because I think acting is very bad for one's mental health. I can't take it any more. This has got to stop. I have wasted my life". Apparently, the decision has been coming for the past five years (possibly since he received his knighthood in 1993?) but only recently gathered the courage to say enough is enough. His next movie is with Cuba Gooding JR. in the psychological thriller "Instinct" and his apparently last movie is "Titus Adronicus", which is being currently filmed in Italy.


Interview IQ (Dutch Magazine Dec./Jan. issue)

Anthony Hopkins, the many-sided man from Wales. "Life is too short to worry about anything".

Anthony Hopkins (61) can look back at a film career of more than 30 years, but the eminent character actor doesn't think of quitting right now. Even better, the actor has discovered action movies and even became Zorro in the action movie "The Mask of Zorro".

IQ: This film was a playful choice of you. Why?

AH: So you see the film as playful. To me it was just an interesting offer. At that moment I was in Canada for film shooting of "The Edge", when my agent called and he told me that he had sent two scenario's. One part for the villain in "Tomorrow Never Dies" and one for "The Mask of Zorro". Two villains, I asked him. And he said: No, they want you to play Zorro! Then I couldn't refuse anymore.

IQ: And no more villain part for you?

AH: No, rather not. Besides, Jonathan Pryce plays a better villain in the James Bond film than I could ever do.

IQ: Why the reserve? Hannibal Lector?

AH: It's not a matter of comparing the pro's and the con's and surely not because of Lector. That was a great character and probably I play him again next year. According to Jonathan Demme (director of "Silence of the Lambs") is there a good chance there will be sequel. Who knows, life is too short to worry about anything!

IQ: Was your part in Zorro a physical heavy part?

AH: Yes, but there were very capable trainers for me to help me. And I could take my time with the preparations of the swordfights and to learn to use the whip.

IQ: My compliments, you look quite cool in the film.

AH: Thank you, but then again I am a cool guy. I take my job just very serious. I learn my lines, ride horse, do swordfights. You see, I'm paid well for everything I do, so, I must do the best I can. The co-operation with directors has certainly improved the past years. I used to be very arrogant earlier and I thought I was the most important man on the set.

IQ: With this in mind you want to direct yourself sometimes?

AH: Absolutely not. There are so many talented directors in this business, I don't need to do that anymore. I love to play the part on the set, for which I'm hired. I just love the whole process of film making.

IQ: There probably will be something which is annoying you?

AH: Stupid questions and stupid reporters. Yesterday they asked me about the resemblance's between Zorro and Hannibal Lector. Give me a break! Acting is my  job!

IQ: When someone would have told you 20 years ago you would play in action films mainly. What would have been your reaction then?

AH: I would have said, that person is crazy. No, I believe that everything is possible. Maybe I will still do action films when I'm ninety years old. Or not!

IQ: But how are you so energetic?

AH: I rest a lot and I read a lot. Just relaxing on the terrace of my house and feeding the birds. With all my love I'm taking care of our garden. I'm quite content about my life right now. As I said before, I do where I get paid for and with great pleasure. I don't see it as work.

IQ: What is your motto?

AH: Easy does it, always take it easy. I have pleasure in driving, but I'm always aware of the maximum speed . I don't want to get a stomach ulcer because of the speed devils.......


September 2001