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ARTICLE ONE Solair Member Will Donate Kidney
ARTICLE TWO Nudists in outer Space


Solair Member Will Donate Kidney

By John Sikes Jr.

Courage and Compassion underscore hopes of connecticut members.

If you were to see Christian Mulvey walk down your street, you wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary. He looks and acts like a typical 17 year old. Unfortunately, the normal exterior belies what's happening inside his body. In the fourth grade Christian suffered a life threatening illness which damaged his kidneys. Six months ago he experienced a rapid decline in kidney function and will soon need a kidney transplant.

The situation got bleaker when it was learned that no one in his immediate family was suitable to donate one of thier kidneys. As word spread through the Solair nudist camp of Christian's condition, something miraculous happened. A couple stepped forward to be tested and Christina Gaudet was found to be a suitable donor. The operation will take Place December 11, 1997.

Christiana was speaking with Christian's sister one night and was moved by her concern and love for her brother. As a professional psychic by trade, Christiana did a reading and quickly learned that Christian might not make it. At that point, she and her husband were tested and she was found to be compatible. Some people have questioned Christiana's sanity for volunteering to do this for someone she isn't related to.

Christiana sees the situation a little differently: "I have a son and I know how Martha (Christian's Mother) feels. I would hope if my son needed something like this, someone would step forward. When there is a need in the community and if you can fill that need, you should."

"People have said to me, 'I could do this for my own child, not someone who is a casual acquaintance.' But I say he is a member of my Solair family."

Before his health took a recent downturn, Christian could be seen spiking the ball on the volleyball court or exhibiting expert marksman skills on the Solair gun range. He's the kind of quite, sensitive person everyone in the camp likes and you won't hear an unkind word spoken about him.

"Christian is an All-American kid, no doubt about it. He's every mom's dream. He never swears and is polite to everyone," said Rich Ross of Solair. "No one even had a clue about his illness until this year. He's an excelent athelet and a good student. But recently, he hasn't been able to get out of here much. One thing is for sure. Everyone has pulled together on his behaf."

Christiana has been a member of Solair's Recreation League in Woodstock, Conneticut for four years. While Christiana will be donating the kidney, she agrees with Rich that the entire Solair membership has bonded together to help Christian. "One of the great things that has happened because of this, is that

everyone has come together. It's wonderful that everyone is helping out in this cause."

Christiana's entire family works for her psychic business. To make sure they would not be put in any financial stress during her recovery period, camp members set up a raffle to help the family. The money raised will be used to make sure all the bill's get paid and that none of Christiana's family suffers because of her generous act. Member's like Millie, a senior citizen whose husband is not in good health, helped organize the raffle which has raised $5,000 so far. She got members to donate a wide variety of items - everything from beautiful works of art to certificates for dinner at great resteraunts. Another senior, Ms. Edie, sold bunches of raffle tickets.

"They have a good reason to sit around the pool and relax, "Christiana said. " This is the proof that although we can argue about what kind of building we might build, when it comes to something important, we all work together. The person who donated ten bucks when they couldn't afford it, is just as mucha hero as I am in all this."

Even though this is a major surgery, there is a 96 to 97 percent chance of success. From Christiana's side, her major risk is that she will no longer have a backup should one of her own kidney's fail latter in life. The remaining kidney will double in size and take over the functions of the donated kidney.

If all goes well, Christian can essentially lead a normal life - but he'll always need medication. There is also the possibility of his body rejectingthe donated kidney.

Being a nudist has helped Christiana find the courage to go forward with the procedure.

"Body acceptance is such a big part of being a nudist. This operation is going to leave a nasty scar, but i'll wear the scar proudly," Christiana said.

She got started as a nudist in her twenties by visiting some clothing optional beaches but was not entirely comfortable with it. Her future husband John was a member of Solair. She agreed to visit the club in early spring when it is quiet and not as populous.

"After 10 minutes, I loved it. I've been an active participant at Solair, both as an employee and member for the last 4 years," Christiana said.

"Both of our childern have been raised in nude recreation. We say Solair is a family camp. By that we mean behavior is appropiate for the entire family here. But I think we take it a little bit further. Our kids have more people interested in thier welfare than anyplace else. It's a community filled with extra aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas."

John and Christiana were married on the Solair grounds May 19, 1996 and the couple's wedding picture appeared in The Bulletin.

They each had a child befor getting married, but they have avoided the problems commonly associated with step families. Christiana attributes that to nude recreation.

"We do things together as a family in a low pressre enviroment. It's not stressful. We're comfortable and we know how to recreate together, we

swim together, we build campfires together. Kid's aren't a burden at a nudist camp," she noted.

For the better part of her adult life, Christiana has made her living as a professional psychic. It was a skill she developed from early on in life. Both her mother and grandmother possessed psychic ability but failed to nurture it. The practice was accepted in thier household and Christiana was encouraged to work on her abilities.

"Most people have the ability, but were taught not to use it. As a child, it was encouraged. I felt a calling to it early, but didn't see myself becoming a professional psychic," Christiana said.

Her psychic abilities have led to her becoming a noted radio personality. She does several different psychic radio shows for stations in the area. People call up with problems and she gives them advice. At the same time she is very open on the air about the fact she is a nudist. She has become a defacto spokesperson for the benifits of the nudist lifestyle. It's a role she enjoyes.

It may be more than a coincidence that the names of the two people (Christian and Christiana) sharing such a special bond are so similar, yet so uncommon.

"On some sort of psychic/spirtual level, is is inreresting that are names are the same except for one letter. How weird is that? I just Know that everything will work out all right."

If you would like to donate to the Chris/Chris Fund, you can send contributions to: POB 49, Putnam, CT 06260

Reprinted from "The Bulletin" (AANR), VOL.46 NO. 11, November 1997

American Association For Nude Recreation



The following is a letter written by Sean and sent to me on Thursday, April 30, 1998. I myself am unsure of the practicle applications of the large space suits worn by modern astronauts and found the topic interesting. Sean would like some feedback so please E mail him with your thoughts and comments.

Nudists in outer space
By Sean

A practical application for nudity?


My name is Sean. Recently a friend of mine and I were involved in a heavy discussion about sending people to the outer planets. We were trying to figure out how to conserve fuel, energy, and on board essentials. I put forward the idea of sending our intrepid space explorers out in the "buff". After all cloth clothing would offer little protection against the vacuum of space.

Other parties argued against this approach, as being socially unacceptable.

When you look at it from a practical point of view, with the intent to accomplish a flight any time soon, there may be no other approach. Conventional cloth requires periodic cleaning, necessitating a water supply, or dry cleaning. Paper clothes would require periodic replacement, and a substantial supply. Nudity would require nothing more than the crew itself.

Of course the crew would have to be very well adjusted, and willing to live in a "submarine like" environment. After all, once the big space ship takes off for Mars or Jupiter there is no way to go out of the thing. It would be like living in a can for six or even seven years.

pioneer drawing