Isn't this nice? It's a webpage by me.

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Changed "possibly" to "probably" on the images page.


First update of the new year, yay! So here's me in a wig: IMAGE!


Wow, it's ages since I updated this. There's a new exciting boardgame in chess.txt. See if you can guess what it is before trying it out. BTW you can't.


Right. It's official. I've gone over to the dark side AKA LiveJournal. Go here for my... *Shudder*... Livejournal.


I'm bored again, can you belive that? It's like I should be doing something, and there actually is something for me to do, but I'm too lazy to find out what it is. There's a good chance it'll just turn out to be "Eat something". Oh well. At least I have BRANSTON PICKLE to make the experience pleasant. Oh, but very little cheese, damn. I wonder what else branston pickle goes with.


Luke insisted that I convert that picture of my studly visage up there into a jpg. So I did. In other news my english aunt dropped by from england and she had a box of Cadbury's Flakes with her. I now have a ox of Cadbury's flakes RIGHT HERE, IN THE HOUSE! They're lovely.


Well, it's that time of year again: Update-time. That time comes around more than I care to remember, good thing I've got it written down, eh? (Don't try answer that, you can't. This isn't one of those fancy LiveJournals where people can actually insult you on YOUR OWN SITE, DOES THAT SUCK? YES IT DOES.) So to take advantage of my non-livejournalness: Hey. Am I hot, or WHAT?! Anyone who thinks I'm not hot, leave a comment RIGHT NOW DO IT NOW!
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Damn that Luke, linking to this site from Now I'll get flooded with hits and tripod'll kick me out because they just can't handle all the trafic! Or not. Someone play JK2 with me.


Well this is new! The menu's been moved up there, now you (you=me, the only person who's ever going to read this) don't have to scroll down to access the INCREDIBLE content of the site. Speaking of INCEREDIBLE content I've made a chessboard and a ludoboard for use in IRC and I am INCREDIBLY content with both of them. They'll be in the misc. section, if you look closely. Oh, some guy told me to get a livejournal, but I said "No way! (you sly dog, you.)" or something closely resembling it. I like this much better. But you never know. I might look into it if i get bored (And I will get bored. That's how I came up with the IRCludo and chess, by the way. And the MOA's. ANd this homepage. Hmm... Boredom seems to be the only way to mitvate me...)
On a completely unrelated note, these entries seem to be getting bigger. That's probably because I have more time on my hands now that I'm OFF SCHOOL, yay.


Content update. Som hidden MOA's unless I get around to creating links and stuff, but I probably won't, and the perils of Pixel. See the miscellanious section for both except the MOA's.


Particle man, particle man... Yes, well. I decided to put that picture up there anyway, even though I look like a fool in it. I figure no one's going to see this page anyway, so I might as well, for personal satisfaction. But you're still not getting any links, so don't get too cocky, mr. Non-existant-journal-reader.


I won't actually be adding a link to some FUNNY PAGE so the links page is dead. There will be no funeral, it'll just rot in visitless statis for ever. Well, Tripod'll probably kick me out some time during the next millenia or so, so it'll vanish then. Anyway: working on getting a proper picture, that one taunts me in my hairlessness. Still wondering why I bother writing this stuff, probably just to write *something*. I feel like writing something bigger, if only I weren't so lazy. Anyway, if I finally assert myself to something it'll be drawing. Or Japanese. Hey, look. A new link. Hm. This update is getting out of hand. Goodbye.


Oh, I'm bored so I'm writing one of these pointless entries. It amuses me, leave me alone.


Oh, wow. Frequent updating. Anyway, this is just to let you non-existant readers of this thing know that while I haven't actually done anything new to the site the picture up there is outdated. I've had a haircut.


If Mike can update his journal, then so can I. Erm. Ah, the misc. section is back online after a breif period of... er... being offline. And that's about it, really. Keep checking the various sections for more STUFF! Who knows, maybe I'll add another link to some FUNNY PAGE or other.


Hay, I've updated. It's like a journal, except no one will read it and it's all pointless anyway.
It's late, can you tell?