My board breaks at the Black Belt Testing

Local newspaper article

November 7th, 1998 I tested for my Tae Kwon Do Black belt. It was a very hard. I have been doing Tae Kwon Do for last six years. I try to go to my dojang (Tae Kwon Do school) 3 to 4 times a week but when I got ready for my black belt maintenance test 8 months ago, I started to go almost every day. I sometimes worked more than 3 hours every day at the dojang. I hardly could find time for my music practices, swimming and homework. I had to pass my maintenance test in order to take the black belt test. I had to remember 17 different "poomses", which I had learned in six years since started. The hardest part for me was to write a paper on Tae Kwon Do and take an oral test. There are 3 judges who ask you questions in front of all the students and parents. I can play my instrument for hours in front of a crowd but I hate to speak to the crowd. I get very nervous. My teacher Mr. McAndrew and my speech teacher Mrs. Abendroth worked with me every day in school. My class helped me too and so did my mom at home. My brother Ninad came home a day before to watch my test. He helped me with my techniques. Even though he does not do Tae Kwon Do any more he was the best! He had won over a dozen gold medals including gold medals for three US Junior Olympics.

Finally on Saturday the November 7th, we went to Utica for the test. It was a long day. The test lasted for 6 long hours. It was in 5 parts. Poomse, One step sparring, No contact sparring, Orals and last the board-breaks. I did ok with orals and my both board-breaks were at first attempt. Of course that's my strongest area. Finally, I earned the black belt. The best part of the day was the compliment from my own brother who said " I did the best, and he was very proud of me ". As I wrote in my paper Tae kwon Do has taught me many important things. It has helped me in my life with doing my music, my study and everything I know. I feel very good about myself because of my black belt.

I would like to thank my instructor Mr. Biviano at The Sun Chong Tae Kwon Do center at Manlius NY. for teaching me Tae Kwon Do for last six years and for having confidence in my strength. Of course I couldn't have done this without help from my brother Ninad, my parents and my teachers in school. Mr. McAndrew was so proud of me. He used to attend my belt tests and always encouraged me when I was nervous.

My parents have already signed me for second-degree (2nd Dan) black belt program and I am determined to work hard for it.