Our visit to one of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal in year 1987 My brother Ninad and me in Indian outfit.

Ninad and me with Grandma (my dad's mom). At age 75, her long hair still touching to her heels. Everyday she walks down to the markets to buy fresh vegetables and cooks 3 meals for the family of 10 people. My dad says she is the best cook in the world.

My favorite things to do in India. Eating home cooked Indian food, playing cricket and lighting fireworks

Bombay downtown, outside busy Churchgate railway station. As much as I hate to walk in the crowded streets of Bombay, I love to ride the train, double-decker buses, horse carts and one of my favorites " Riksha ". It's so cool when the Riksha driver squeezes this 3 sitter tiny vehicle in between the walking people, buses, taxies and other vehicles !