2000 Solo Performance schedule

  1. March 21::::::: Albany County ARC annual membership meeting Albany, NY
  2. April 1:::::::::::: Memorial Service Syracuse, NY.
  3. April 15:::::::::: DDSO Speculator, NY
  4. April 16:::::::::: DDSO Tupper Lake, NY
  5. April 25:::::::::: E. F. R." Reaching for the Star" conference. Syracuse, NY
  6. May5,6,8::::::: Youth Actors Workshop, Syracuse Stage Syracuse, NY
  7. May 11 ::::::::: ARC annual Dinner Amsterdam, NY
  8. May 13:::::::::: ICC India Day Syracuse, NY
  9. May 18:::::::::: OCM-BOCES luncheon Goldstein Student Center Syracuse, NY
  10. May 19:::::::::: Buffalo DDSO convention Buffalo, NY
  11. June 2:::::::::::: Madison county ARC award night Oneida, NY
  12. June 4,5 :::::::: Open House, Syracuse, NY
  13. June 6 ::::::::::: Yates county ARC Annual Dinner, NY
  14. June 17,18:::: VSA Festival Troy, NY
  15. July 11::::::::::: Manlius Coffeehouse break Manlius , NY
  16. July 22::::::::::: Onondaga county talent competition, Syracuse, NY
  17. July 27,28:::::: National Down Syndrome Society annual convention Washington DC
  18. August 6,7::::: National Down Syndrome Congress annual convention Washington DC
  19. August 18,19:Performance at Cobblestone Art Center Cobblestone , NY
  20. August 30:::::: Syracuse Sky Chief Baseball, National Anthem Syracuse, NY
  21. September 2: Cortland Youth Center Cortland ,NYCayuga county Downs syndrome parent group
  22. September 28 Cayuga county Downs syndrome parent group
  23. October 4::::::: Monarch Staff Appreciation Day
  24. October 21::::: ARC convention Buffalo, NY
  25. October 28::::: CNY Minority Regional Network, Syracuse NY
  26. November 3::: Buffalo Down syndrome parents annual banquet Batavia, NY
  27. November 5::: EMARC Fundraising breakfast Peabody, MA
  28. November 25: Touch community service, Singapore
  29. November 28: MINDS Millenium Symposium, Singapore
  30. December 1,3 MINDS Millenium Symposium, Singapore
  31. December 2... Down syndrome Parent Group, Singapore
  32. December 3... United Nation International day, Singapore
  33. December 5,6 Malaysia Parent Group, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
  34. December23::: Christmas Party Utica,NY
  35. December31::: DeWitt Community church, Syracuse, NY

2001 Solo Performance schedule

  1. January 13.....Young Actors Workshop fundraising musical drama Syracuse, NY
  2. February 23...Welcome reception for NYS Special Olympic committee Syracuse, NY
  3. March 4:::::::::: First Presbyterian Church: Lyons, NY
  4. March 6:::::::::: Kuman Award Nite, Fayettevilee, NY
  5. April 21::::::::::::Performance & Workshop for DS Guild of Greater Kansas: Kansas City
  6. April 21::::::::::::Performance at 2001 CEC Annual Covention: Kansas City
  7. April 28,29::::: Youth Actors Workshop, Syracuse Stage Syracuse, NY
  8. May 5........... Soltane Communities: Glenmoore, PA
  9. May 13......... ICC India Spring festival Syracuse, NY
  10. May 17,18,19 Canadian Down syndrome Society: Edmonton, Canada
  11. May 18......... Alberta College Conservatory of Music: Edmonton, Canada
  12. June 2........... Flower City DS Network Anniversary Dinner: Rochester, NY
  13. June 16......... DS Parent Group: Houston, Texas
  14. June 24......... Senior Recital: Hendricks Chappel: Syracuse, NY
  15. July 30, 31.....Chautauqua Institution Youth Program: Chautauqua, NY
  16. August 12......Wedding Reception: Albany, NY
  17. Sept. 8.......... Buddy Walk of Niagara: Lewinston, NY
  18. Sept. 13,14.... Self advocacy State conference: Albany, NY
  19. November 25. NYSSMA Winter Festival: Rochester , NY( Tentative)

2002 Solo Performance schedule

  1. January12..... UPPS for Downs: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  2. April 6.......... International Parent to Parent Conference: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. June 12.........Methodist Church West Monroe, NY
  4. June 17.........Lamb Theatre Manhatten, NY
  5. July 17..........Presbyterian Church Camden, NY
  6. August 14......Community picnic Constantia, NY
  7. September 5.. Masonic home Utica,NY
  8. Sept 21-29.... Touch Anniversary Celebration, Singapore
  9. October 4..... Shared Living annual conferance Sturbridge, MA
  10. October 5..... CDSC convention, Farmington, CT
  11. November 5.. CEC coferance Albany, NY
  12. Dec 17- 31.... DDSO volunteer for providing entertainment,Camden, NY

2003 Solo Performance schedule

  1. April 12::::::::::::PAD conferance Birmingham, Alabama
  2. April 26::::::::::::OMRDD Luncheon event Dayton, Ohio ( Tentative)
  3. May 3. ::::::::: Henry Child Care Resource Ct Harriman, Tennessee
  4. May 30.::::::::::::Closing convocation and graduation South Hadley, MA
  5. Oct 11.::::::::::::CDSC convention, Farmington, CT
  6. Oct 4...::::::::::::Church event Camden, NY (Tentative)
  7. Nov11.::::::::::::Parent group annual luncheon, Constantia, NY

Sujeet has joined the Berkshire Hills Music Academy in MA since Sepember 2001 for his post secondary study in music and human services. Currently Sujeet continues to perform on weekly basis for the academy in ensembles as well as solo in Massachusetts area with other academy students. He also continues to do solo performances in his academy breaks.

Since Sujeet is a student we try to limit his performances to two per month. Therefore booking for his performance in advance is recommended.For further details about his performances E-mail or call (315) 675-3062