World Games'99 : June 26-July 4, 1999

We are extremely proud of Sujeet's achievement in the Aquatics competitions in the World Summer Special Olympic Games'99 held in North Carolina. Four athletes were selected for aquatic events to represent New York State in the World Games'99. It was a memorable event. Seven thousand athletes represented over 150 countries from all over the world. Sujeet brought home 2 silver medals and one 6th place ribbon. We are especially proud of his 6th place ribbon in his freestyle event. Freestyle is his strongest event. He was leading 1st half of the competition but was waylaid by a cramp in one of his legs. However with his determination he finished 6th. The news of his selection for the World Games'99 came to us in summer of 98. We all were very excited and were looking forward for this event all year. Sujeet started his training with his area swim team once a week. Unfortunately he didn't get enough time to really work at it till about 8-10 weeks before the actual competitions. The year 98-99 was a very busy year for Sujeet. He was preparing intensely for his Black belt test for Tae kwon Do in November 98. Then we took 5 weeks off to visit our family in India. Then came the summer where he was schedule for 12 music performances at different places. His music practices kept him away from swimming training. Just about this time the doctors thought Sujeet had brain aneurysm and he had to go through many invasive diagnostic tests for over a month. Fortunately it came out negative. All this took toll on his swim training. First he went to Albany where he had 3-day training camp with his NY team members and then to North Carolina. But as usual Sujeet came home with lot of pride and self esteem. We think this was one of his best achievement for the year 98-99. His hard work not only brought him awards but a reward for us.