Chapter Fifteen

Taylor and August had fallen asleep not tto long after Scream was done, and didn't wake up for a good hour. August felt strangely sick, and sat up with a dizzy head. Taylor looked at her, putting his hand on her shoulder.
"You okay?"
She looked up, around, and he noticed how pale she looked. She was damn near white. It passed, though, and she stood up.
"Yeah...I'll be fine. Head rush, I guess."

They didn't talk much after that, until a little after nine, when August began to write in her journal. She sat on the floor with her back to the wall, writing fervently.

Should I tell him? I don't even know for sure. If I knew, then I should tell him...but that's just it. I have no clue whatsoever. All I know is that I missed my last period, and I've been sick for the past week. Sure, I know I wasn't eating the greatest around my last period, but still...I don't know. I'm afraid to find out. Because I don't know what I'd do if it turned out I...I don't even want to say it. Why, why, why? Because I'm stupid. That THING that I live with tells me so on a regular basis. Goddamnit, August, why did you have to be so damn stupid? That, and I've had the strangest cravings for chocolate frozen yogourt lately...but that's normal. Go figure.

She looked up at Taylor, who was lying on his back on the bed reading a book. His hair was falling over the side of the bed, and he looked really adorable. She didn't have any clue how or what she was going to tell him what she had to say...and she was afraid to find out how he was going to take it. She sighed deeply, and got up on the bed beside him. He continued to read, half aware that she was sitting there. She ran her hand down his cheek, playing with a piece of his hair. He put the book down and looked up at her, almost quizzical as to why she'd had the sudden urge to be so affectionate towards him.
"Mood swing?" He asked it as a joke, but the look in her eyes when he said it threw him for a good boomerang of a loop.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that," she answered quietly. He sat up, casting his attention to the place she was gazing towards dreamily. A picture frame sat on the dresser, holding a picture of a good-looking blond guy about, oh, say, 18 or 19.
"Is that Adam?" he asked, wondering why she didn't talk to him that often anymore. She nodded, and he slid an arm around her shoulders. She suddenly turned the radio on, needing some noise in the silence. Tay had never seen her so quiet before. To be perfectly fitting, My Heart Will Go On came on the radio.(For that skeptic chick who pointed this out, this is now 1999. It fits perfectly well that this song could have been her mother's favourite. So why don't you just take a downer, hold it under your tongue, and keep your mouth shut until it dissolves, hunh? Thanks.)
"Oh, Christ," August said roughly, getting misty. "Just what I need to hear. This was Mom's favourite song. Damnit." But she made no attempt to turn it off, and looked like she wanted to get misty. Tay slid the other arm around her, pulling her into his lap.
"You're really not having a good day with this emotional shit, are you?" he asked gently, almost in a jesting tone. She looked up, as though to say, "That's not funny." He shut up, afraid she might start crying. Her eyes were welling up enough as it was, and he really didn't want her to cry. Apparently, though, she had other plans.

When the song was over and had switched to Back To you by Bryan Adams, August took a deep breath.
"Tay, if I tell you something really important, can you promise me something?"
He looked at her with a certain strange quality, but nodded.
She sighed, not sure of how to say it.
"I...I..." she said something so softly he only caught two words of it. And he hadn't liked what he'd heard.
"I think...I think I might be pregnant," she said again, no louder than the first time. He choked on his tongue, trying not to blurt out something he'd be sorry he said later. She started to get misty again, and she knew what was going on in his head.
"Are you sure?"
"No...but it's a hell of a lot of signs coming at me at once. It could just be a coincidence, but...oh, shit..." she buried her face in his shoulder, trying not to cry. Trying her damn hardest. It was just barely working. She recollected herself, then said in a whisper, "I know you wanna bail, I would too...but I need you. said you'd always be here for me when I needed it. I need it."
He sighed, not sure of what to say, but not sure whether he should stay silent. The pleading, begging look in her eyes gave him his answer, and he pulled her to him, as close as she could get.
"Don't worry...I'll be here. Promise."

"To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

-Isaac Newton...

The point of that quote was to tell you something, and if you can't see it, you're blind. But of course, life is best viewed through the eyes of the blind...

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