August 12, 1999

The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and August was sun bathing in a black and purple speedo two-piece. She looked amazingly better than she had back in March, that was for sure. The rings under her eyes had disappeared, she'd gained a healthy five pounds so her ribs were no longer visible, and allover, she looked much healthier than before. Lying on her back on the deck of her aunt's pool on a towel, she was nearly asleep from the comfortable position she was in. The cellular phone beside her head suddenly started ringing, and she picked it up. Her aunt wasn't home, so she had to get the phone.
A familiar voice that she couldn't quite place started talking.
"There's a girl, a beautiful girl, sitting on the deck of a pool in a backyard. She's alone, or so she thinks..."
August looked around, wondering what and who the hell this was.
"She's looking around, wondering what in God's name could be going on. She has no idea that there's a young man in the trees by the house, until he steps forward. He's a handsome young devil, and she knows him well."
August looked towards the shrubbery at the side of the house, and saw Taylor step into the yard. She burst into giggles, remembering the scene from My Best Friend's wedding. She put the phone down and ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and allowing him to spin her around before she pulled her legs up around his waist.
"You're an asshole," she declared. He grinned.
"I know...but I'm a good looking asshole," he replied, just before kissing her deeply. When he pulled away, she gazed deeply into his eyes, and whispered,
"I love you, Taylor..."
He smiled, eyes full of nothing but pure love.
"I love you, August." He carried her to the porch, and set her down on a couch, where he reached into his pocket and took something out. She looked at it from where it sat in his palm; a beautiful silver ring. August looked up at him with questioning eyes, and waited for his answer.
"It's a promise ring. I want to promise you my life . . . until I can legally ask you to marry me," he answered softly, before she even asked. Her eyes welled up, and she let him close her fingers over it. She held onto it for a second, and then slid it onto a finger it fit best, and stood up to hug him again.

August and Taylor stayed together, through everything, for the rest of their lives. They were married on September 21, 2006, and had two daughters, Arianna Daron and Storm. And through all the years, every night, just as she was about to fall asleep in his arms, August would whisper,
"Taylor . . . don't kiss me goodnight. . . ." And he never did.

The End.

Thank you to Lauren Beaufort for the newer ending...super huge thank you. I hate to admit it, I'm sort of glad this is finished...but think, for everyone who's been reading this since it was a two-chapter story on Angel Fire, you've seen everything. It went from nothing to being right up there with the best...in my audience's opinion. Mainstream or not, I'm still really glad people actually like what I have to write. Thanks, everyone, for sticking around and making this what it is now.

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