"You're not serious, are you?" Kara couldn't believe her ears. She wasn't hearing this. On the other end of the line, Sandy cleared her throat.
"Yeah...he was great, too."
Kara felt tears stinging at the back of her eyes. Sandy continued.
"He told me he loved me, too. While we were lying there..."
Kara knew that the tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she made a choking noise.
"I...I have to go," she mumbled, hanging up. It wasn't fair. Sandy always got more than she did. She was the first one to get a boyfriend, the first one to be fucked by said boyfriend, and now...she fucked Taylor Hanson? This so wasn't fair. Kara looked around. She got up and stumbled into the bathroom. Her mother's heart medication pills were still out on the counter, and Kara knew the only person awake was her older brother Chad. He wouldn't come upstairs until after two in the morning. She took a deep breath, looking at the bottle. With sudden force, she reached out a snatched it off the counter. She poured the pills out on the counter into a large pile, and gazed at it. Now or never, she thought. End it all. She'll never get better than you again. Mouthful by mouthful, she went through the bottle, then managed to stumble into her bedroom. She collapsed on her bed. The last thing she saw before her eyes closed was her favourite poster...Taylor reaching out his hand, with big puppy dog eyes.

(Around ten the next morning)

Sandy picked up the phone to call Kara. She hadn't sounded too happy the night before. Chad picked up on the fourth ring.
"Hey, Chad. Is Kara there?"
Chad was silent.
"Um...Sandy...Kara died last night."
Sandy paled.
"She took a bottle of my Mom's heart pills...peacefully, I guess."
Sandy choked a little on her own tongue. She didn't think it would upset her that much...was this the price she had to pay?
"Thanks, Chad. I'll...um...talk to you later."

Sandy looked around the small cafe. Kara's boyfriend, Adam, sat at a table across the room, not bothering to hide the fact that he was crying. A small tv began to show Entertainment Tonight.
"And eighteen-year-old Taylor Hanson is engaged to sixteen-year-old Canadian writer Veronica Maloney...the two have planned the wedding for the autumn of 2005." *smile*
Sandy watched the screen, and the happy couple.
"we're definitely devoted to each other," a blushing Taylor said. "I love her immensely." The camera turned to the pretty girl with short dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. When asked her opinion, She mumbled,
"He's the most romantic guy on earth, really. He's too sweet."
Sandy felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She stood up and went over to the table where Adam sat, and sat down beside him. She rubbed his shoulders gently.
"I'm sorry, Adam. I'm really sorry."
The two had lost the one person that had meant the most to them, and all because of Sandy's insecurities. Kara had been lucky, finding Adam. Sandy envied her for that. She'd never even been kissed before, at seventeen. Kara had been so excited when she first slept with Adam and he'd told her he loved her...and all Sandy could offer was,
"Oh, I fucked Taylor Hanson." She was still a virgin, obviously. But Kara hadn't realized that. She'd trusted Sandy so much that no matter what she said, she believed it. Now Kara was gone, and because of what Sandy had thought was a simple, harmless lie.

Short and sweet. Hope it made a point.

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