Epilogue, Part II

Veronica opened her eyes. She looked around, and realized she’d been sleeping next to Taylor. But...that didn’t make sense. Didn’t she ... die? She looked at the sleeping Taylor, and realized how absolutely angelic he looked when he was asleep. He shifted, and opened his eyes. When he saw her, he smiled.
“Hey, baby. What...I thought...”
She looked just as confused, until they both got the same idea.
“You said it wasn’t going to be goodbye, Tay. You promised we’d be together forever...maybe this is forever,” Veronica said softly. They both looked around. It was Taylor’s room, at home...but there was no one else there. “Maybe this is heaven,” she repeated.
Taylor nodded.
“I think, maybe, it is, Ronnie. I think this is heaven.”
She smiled, and lay her head on his chest.
“If this is heaven, I have time to sleep in.”

And when the ballerina and the one-legged soldier were caught in the fire for a few seconds, their bases melted together, casting them together, forever. And so they were to sit, on the mantle together, forever. Sometimes things end happily, where the prince and princess get married and live happily ever after, the end. But sometimes it’s a little more heroic than that. Happy or not, this tale ends with one thing...the ballerina and the one-legged soldier are still together, and always will be. Forever.

"I think Nick Carter has been romping with Brian in the pansies just a little too long..."

- Good Friend Of Mine

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