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Thank you for your interest in Switchblade Records, but unfortunately the lable hasn't been doing anything for the past couple of years. Last i heard from Donnie Switchblade, he'd relocated to Indiana to work at the amazing Sonic Iguana recording studio. i (Amy J. Nobody) have been gone for the past 3 years, and have been unable to update this page until now. You might still be able to find these albums somewhere, so keep looking, and try them out. Thanks again, and good luck with, well... whatever it is you're doing.

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release info for Switchblade's music:

SB001- - The Halflings: "A Kiss For Christmas" (7")

(available releases)
SB003 - Link80 /Subincision (split 7")

SB004 - "What are you looking at?" comp. (cd)
Teen Idols, The Rumblers, Link80, Halflings, The Beautys, Grumpies, Tunnel Rats, The Boils, Sonic Dolls, Phuzz, and Buglite

new: SB006 - The Rumblers/The Gotohells (split 7")

This here is great stuff, you guys -- order.
Thanks for stopping in, hopefully you'll check out the label... You'll like it, punk!

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