Reflections on The Wave
by Charles Stuart

I look back on the wave of '73 with some regret since it was such a perfect example of opportunity being missed. Had we only been prepared, much more valuable information and documentation could have been gleaned from the plethora of sightings and encounters, despite the fact that this was in the pre-camcorder and internet days.

Of course, should a prolonged wave of this intensity occur today, we wouldn't really have to be prepared, given the state of our technology, in order to obtain convincing evidence that UFOs do indeed exist and were visiting us. If some of the UFOs reported so frenetically during this period were in fact ET operated, it's almost as if they knew that this might be their last big chance to flaunt their stuff and find out whatever is that they wanted to know, up close and personal. How much of it was real and how much was hysteria? Of course we can only speculate now, 25 years later. Some of it most certainly was hysteria and derived from suggestion, for I clearly remember a friend of my father pointing excitedly to every blinking light in the sky while shouting," there goes another one!" Piling into cars to pursue what were most likely airplanes was fun, don't get me wrong, but never did it prove anything except that some people see what they want to see.

Still, there were SO MANY reports, some by law enforcement officers, pilots, etc. that it's difficult to ascribe them to something that wasn't even there. Someone once told me that this UFO "invasion" occurred because we were "messing around on the moon." It IS curious that we never went back to the moon after this, and to this day Russia has still not been there...

Charles Stuart
UFO Researcher, Cincinnati, OH