When I first heard this song several years ago I thought to myself......hey this is a song for my grandchildren....Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.....May have to wait a little bit while the music gets ready.........

Hey you, you're a child in my head
You haven't walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear you'll be blessed

I know you're still just a dream
your eyes might be green
Or the bluest that I've ever seen
Anyway you'll be blessed

And you, you'll be blessed
You'll have the best
I promise you that
I'll pick a star from the sky
Pull your name from a hat
I promise you that, promise you that, promise you that
You'll be blessed

Don't get teary eyed on me is a HAPPY time.....

I need you before I'm too old
To have and to hold
To walk with you and watch you grow
And know that you're blessed

And you, you'll be blessed
You'll have the best
I promise you that
I'll pick a star from the sky
Pull your name from a hat
I promise you that, promise you that,
You'll be blessed

You'll have the best
I promise you that
I'll pick a star from the sky
Pull your name from a hat
I promise you that, promise you that, promise you that
You'll be blessed
OK, here we go with a new daughterette is PREGNANT!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!
I have gotten a little late start with this so the first few dates I do not remember (it has been kind of exciting around here)
I kind of suspected that Molly was pregnant when she told me one Sunday night that she had ate a whole jar of pickles and drank all the the next night she came over and she had taken 2 home pregnancy tests...well she wanted to know if I thought they were positive and there was no doubt they were...I had her go and get another test and had her call her mother to come over to her house so we could watch the test develop....I love her mother to death...she is so sweet and I think of them as part of my family and they think that way of us also..anyway Janie and I stood there and watched it and we were soooooo happy....we each asked each other what we wanted the babies to call told her that it would be twins that the next day she went to the doctor and had a blood test and it confirmed that she was....then she scheduled an appointment for July 14th, 1999...and then we waited.....
July 14, 1999
Molly went to the doctor and the doctor said she was doing fine and when he did the ultrasound found that there WAS more than one baby...he thinks twins but will know more next month...

Click here to see babies first pics

Well needless to say I was extremely happy for them....I did shed a few tears of father was an identical twin and I do not know if that had anything to do with it or not but I had a feeling in my heart that it would be twins!!! It is funny also that when my son was gone for 4 months at the beginning of this year for the Army that Molly's mother said I bet she will be pregnant by so now we are waiting for the next appointment!!!
July 21, 1999
All the aunts, cousins etc are hoping that there will be more than 2 because they say that makes their chances of babysitting better.......LOL
July 22, 1999
Well I have been checking on my grandbabies will be so special and all children are a great gift from God...It is really exciting to see them going through all these changes...and I am making my prediction twins it will be 2 boys.....if triplets it will be a girl and 2 boys...and if my chance God blesses us with another one it will be 2 boys and 2 girls...but it does not matter to me...I will love them no matter what!!!!!!
July 25 1999
Well I am dead tired....I have been working in the soon to be babies/computer room.....we painted and stained and painted some more....they will be laying carpet tomorrow...I picked the color called goose down...I know it is not a traditional baby color but I figure they will get that at is a very warm color and I think it will make the babies feel cozy and serene...I decided to go ahead and remodel my room for them before we start on the nursery at their home...I still have to paint some characters on the wall I just am not sure what then of course we will have to start looking for beds and swings and rocking chairs etc....this is going to be so fun!!!!We are getting ready for you babies!!!!Mother is doing fine....her and dad have gone for a little getaway with her mom and will be good for them...I told my husband that every year for Christmas we need to give them a trip somewhere so we can have the babies....LOL.....
July 31 1999
Everything is going fine....mother is tired alot but that is to be expected....I think there are 3 of you in there and one of you just likes to play hide and come out come out wherever you are...we hope to see you in a few weeks on the ultrasound...Mom and Dad back from their trip and they had got to play a lot and mom rested a lot...I remember when I was pregnant with your father and the first time he really kicked it scared me I can only imagine more than one in there doing TaeBo....
August 3 1999
Well Molly is getting a little uncomfortable now...she is having some growing pains...I feel like there will be a lot of that going on to accomodate the babies...bless her heart she said that she is already tired of being this is only the beginning of what she will be going through...she does not fit into her clothes anymore and she gets tired very easily...Hopefully we will find out more as to how many babies on the 16th of this month and hoepfully we will get more pictures...the doctor told her that he would be monitoring her close and would do an ultrasound every we could have an entire photo album by the time they are father is doing well and seems to be more settled with all that is going on...I love those 2, they are really good kids...and I am so thankful that these children are going to be born into a loving and caring family
August 8 1999
Well kids you made your mother throw up said that was the first time since she has been pregnant and she threw up 3 times...soooo I figure that means there are 3 of you...wish you could give us a sign and let me know right now so I can start buying you things..I don't want to just have 2 of everything and make another feel left I am waiting to hear from the doctor on the 16th and hope he will have a better idea...
August 12 1999
Mothers tummy is visibly growing daily now....seems like she grows overnight!!! You can definitely tell she is pregnant...we are all still so excited we can't hardly stand it...I had my physical yesterday and my doctor wants to said he is fascinated with multiples...I tried to listen to your heartbeats yesterday and thought I heard them but I am not really sure that is what it was...Monday is doctor day so hopefully we will get another picture of however many there are in
August 17 1999
Doctor says there are 2 babies!!!!Their heartbeats are strong and mother is doing fine....except for a lot of have the new pic of both of them....twin A on the top is sitting and looking at the camera (they had a hard time getting this babies picture cause he/she would not stay still) and twin B is laying down being

Click here to see

September 5 1999
I have been out of town and could not post here but now I am back......mother dad and babies are doing fine...She has not gained very much weight....I attribute that to her only being able to eat salads, soups etc....meat is NOT an option now....and she can't feed the dogs anymore because the smell of Kibbles n Chunks makes her has been getting a lot of rest and is doing well emotionally.....hotflashes have started....I thought that was funny because she would always wear a sweater to my house we can tell on the 13th of this month what sex they are....then we can shop!!!
September 13 1999
I got to go to the ultrasound and see babies!!!!! To be honest I am not quite sure exactly how many there were...I know there are 2 but there could be more....The babies were so sweet and they were interacting with each other....You could see their little bodies and see their heads and noses.....they were just precious...Doctor could not even get a good picture of them because they would not stay still long enough...It was like watching a Fu would punch the other and the other one would kick back and then they would suck their thumbs and then start punching again...The sex could not be determined since they were all over the place.....She has to go every 2 weeks now so maybe on the 27th we will know said it is possible that we will not know until they are born cause the bigger they get the harder it is to sort it all out....
September 15
Mom saaw her belly moving bet they were doing their karate kicks again..she said it would get real tight all of a sudden and then she would see her tummy gently roll....Life is soooooo interesting
September 21
We went to the hospital last Saturday and used an echocardiogram machine to record the babies on videotape...that was so we have a tape that they can watch someday of them both in the womb kicking, stretching and sucking their thumbs....Grandma Janie and I got to actually do was so neat using that jelly stuff and rubbing the sensor on Mollys belly and then seeing what we were seeing!!!!!!!!!We are going to try and do it several times until they are born and wow I cant imagine having a tape like that for them to see when they are older!!!!!! They did not have anything like this when my son was is so amazing what they can do now!!!!! I think it is 2 boys but we still could not tell because they were flipping and flopping everywhere but I thought I saw someting and one of the grandfathers was there and he is a doctor said no I think that is the umbilical cord.....LOL...looked like boys to me....
September 28 1999
The twins are growing!!!!! And we still do not know the gender but hope to in another 2 weeks...I just could not helpo myself I went out and bought them their first halloween costumes..lolol...and here is a pic of them wearing them!!!!

Click here to see

October 4 1999
All is well....mother is really putting it on looks like she is big from her throat all the way down....and it looks like it is harder for her to get up and about....we go back Monday the 11th (which is also her birthday!!!) to get another ultrasound....she goes every 2 weeks is going to be time before we know it!!!!!!They have 2 dogs and they took them to a big parade Saturday and when the Humane Society came by walking some of their tenants the 2 dogs decided that they would be in the parade ran out in the middle of the street and started playing with the animals while everyone laughed.....Doyle had to go and get them and had to carry one back (the one that weighs 90 pounds.......LOL)..anyway we are waiting to see how the dogs will react to the babies.....they are very sweet smart animals so we think it will be just fine....they have a golden retriever and a yellow lab....anyway waiting for Monday to see if we can tell what we need to buy!!!!!!!!!
October 9, 1999
I will be going to New Jersey for 2 weeks and will miss the next ultrasound but I will call and find out!!!!!!!Molly is getting really pregnant big and can't eat very much at a time, so she eats small amounts several times a day....I think she iss going thru an emotional time right now because she is getting so big and has never been big before...seems like some people have to say cruel things about her weight gain...but I also think that their comments are bothering her now where as before she would not the weight gain is such a small price to pay for the precious gifts she is going to receive from God....
October 26
Well it has been a little while since i updated this but I was hoping to be able to announce what the babies are.....but guess what????? WE STILL DO NOT KNOW...they seem very determined for us not to know!!!!Molly is doing fine...she has only gained 21 pounds now...BUT she gained 12 pounds in the last 2 was blood pressure was up just a little bit and the babies heartbeats were fine....We are going to start on the nursery now and are planning on a shower for her...She goes back in about a week to have another ultrasound so MAYBE we can tell something then......but I am thinking that we will not know until the birth.....
November 1, 1999
We went baby shopping tonight and bought 2 beds and 2 dressers....we also got mother to register for her baby shower and had so much fun picking out all the high chairs...stroller...playpen..swings....walkers..etc. ...and then we hit the toy aisles and Gma P and me had a great time playing with all the toys.....we decided that she would get the grocery stuff for her house so the babies could buy groceries and then I would get the kitchen stuff so they can cook course we played with trucks and also we wound up all the mobiles on the baby beds so we could see if they all played the same tunes...and they did...and we also found a little babydoll that we put in one of the was great great fun.....mother and babies are still doing well and everything is progressing nicely.....we are going to paint clouds on the ceiling tomorrow and then the father put the baby beds
November 8, 1999
We found out today that we are being blessed with 2 baby girls.....the babies weigh to date......1 lb 10 oz and 1 lb 6 oz!!!!!!!! Their little heartbeats were strong and at a normal rate....the doctor measured their little heads and also their little tummies.....and all looks great......Mom is doing great also and only gained 2 lbs....which is amazing to me cause she is starting to get bigger
Well we have Thanksgiving over now.....the next one we have will be with two baby girls!!!! Molly had gained 10 lbs. last week...they tested her sugar levels and found they were high...The doctor told her to cut back on sweets......she normally did not eat sweets ...I read on a baby site that this is when their taste buds are forming and that you might develop a sweet tooth.....well if anyone wonders if that is true or not........IT IS!!!!!!She looks rather miserable...and still will get much bigger......The next visit is December 6th and I am going to get another pic of the babies...We bought 2 high chairs and 2 bouncing had fun in the toy aisle
December 8 1999
Well I got to go to the ultrasound again and mother is doing fine, her sugar level has gone back to normal....she has only gained 38 lbs now and the doctor is very happy with her progress....what amazes me the most is that he can measure their heads, arms and legs and even get the babies weights before they are even born!!!! They now weigh 2 lbs and 10 ounces I am saying they will be identical.....LOL....One baby gained 1 lb in a week and the other gained 1 lb and 4 ounces...Mother said she was going to ask doctor if he could go ahead and take them and finish growing them in a petrie(spelling???) said that he did not think he would let her go to her full term because they are going to be good sized babies and that there is not enough room and that the placenta starts to wear it will be sooner then February 27th probably....I had my hand on her tummy the other night and was calling to the babies and they started moving and rolling...her tummy looked like the ocean they started kicking and you could see and feel it really well...I think it is time to do some more baby have been sending me email telling me good luck and that they will pray for the parents and the babies...and I appreciate that sooooo much....these little girls are a precious gift from God....just as my son and his wife we go again next Monday...I hope Molly doesnt get upset when I say dont think so ....she is a very special person....and lest I forget...the mother of my grandbabies!!!!!!! They both are going to be such great parents....
December 9 1999
Molly met with the babies pediatrician today to talk to him and to get everything ready for when the babies get here...he said that since her pregnancy is going well and the babies are growing that they will probably take her to 37 weeks and they felt that was a safe time both for her and the babies....he did say that they are going to be large for that means the first of February will probably be the time unless she goes into labor sooner but they will try to prolong to 37 weeks...He told her that he will be there for the delivery so he can check them out right I feel that they will be getting great care...I should have told her to ask him if someone could be there for the grandmothers....lolol....
December 10 1999
Mother said you babies kept her up all might wrestling and kicking each other...she said she could not get comfortable in bed so she went and laid on the couch...When dad woke up he went and got her to come back to bed and she had dad lay his hand on her stomach and you babies quit moving!!!I wonder if you sensed him and was calmed by it or if you were think you were calmed by the touch and that you heard his voice....anyway since we have not been able to get a good pic of you for some time now I had to put your Christmas hats on an old one...

Click here to see

December 27 1999
We had a big Christmas.....stayed up until 3AM putting together 2 high chairs and 2 bouncing buggys...and we had a great time doing it....Molly was tired...she says her bones are funny really...We went to the doctor today and saw you looking at us...I wonder if you heard us say now weighs 3 lbs 10 oz and Kiley weighs 3 lbs 6 oz.....heartbeats were 153 and 150 respectively....One baby is turned the right way but one is said that there is plenty of time for the baby to turn...He also told the mother that she needs to get lots and lots of rest...and he said everything looks good and normal....won't be long now!!!!....OH OH OH and I got to infant seats for my car for Christmas and also 2 high chairs for my got a picture but left it at work....will scan tomorrow!!!!!

January 10, 2000
So much has happened since I last wrote here...we have been so busy getting everything together for the new ones...Molly is doing well...her back has started hurting some and it is hard for her to walk now...she sleeps most of the time..getting up about 10AM and taking a bath and then going back to bed until 3...and of course she is very almost have your bedding is so cute and I think you will love the bright colors that your mother picked for you...She goes back tomorrow for another doctor visit so hopefully we will know more...New Years eve all I could think about was that in 2000 we were getting babies to hold!!!!
January 16 2000
Your great aunt Mary and I made your bedding for your cribs....and they turned out beautiful!!! I am going to get a picture to put here in a few days...We are all anxiously awaiting your arrival into this world...It should not be much longer now...your mother is going for weekly stress tests at the is amazing to watch you wiggle away from those monitors...all looks good so far and I am sure you both are getting pretty cramped in there....your mother is having a hard time walking...she is definitely
January 19 2000
Still Molly had her stress test this week they found that she was having one time they were 5 minutes apart...they discussed brethine to stop them...and so she has to rest and then rest some more.....I took a bunch of baby clothes over to her tonight..I have been getting some really cute and good priced clothing off of ebay.....It was a lot of fun filling up the dressers.....and they are both about to start running over with clothes....There is a full moon this weekend.....I wonder if she will go into labor..they say that has something to do with it....I am not sure.....when I had my son I was told by someone that he would be 7 days late because that was when the full moon was.......and coincidence(?) he was exactly 7 days late...The doctor is doing another ultra sound Monday....that is if she is still pregnant!!!!!!
January 24 2000
Well the full moon theory did not Molly is having light uterine activity and the doctor says it is only days away....the stress tests look good!!!!!He wants to see her again Wed and then Fri 3 times this week....He is a really good doctor and he is watching the babies and Molly real close
January 26 2000
Molly went back to the office and he examined her and she has begun her transition for labor....The doctor then sent her back over to the hospital to be put on the monitor.....then sent her to get an ultrasound with all the measurements etc.....The babies have gained 3 lbs A PIECE in the last now we have a 6 lb 13 oz and a 6 lb 4 oz....wooohooooo....we got to see a lot of movement in there and the technician showed us a lot of the lips, nose, eyes, lens on the sure looked crowded in there....both babies looked as if they were could see their little faces peeking through...and we got to see the eye blink and also little lips trying to will have babies REAL SOON!!!!!And also go back Fri for another stress test...maybe JUST maybe that will be the day!!!! Looking into the nursery at the hospital was a little overwhelming cause the babies were so sweet and I realized that there were going to be 2 this go round...
January 28 2000
We took Molly to the hospital for her scheduled non-stress test and her contractions were getting more frequent so the doctor decided to keep her and do the c-section that afternoon at 4PM....At 4 PM they had an emergency surgery to perform so Molly's got pushed back an hour...During that hour her contractions all but the doctor called it off since there was a snow storm going on outside and if we had to transport the babies for any reason it was going to be he kept her in the hospital and then about 1 hour later they started agan....faster and stronger..So he decided he did not have a choice...They did the csection that night and at 9:43 and 9:45 the twins were born....weighing 5 lbs 6 oz EACH and they were 18 1/2 IL and 18 1/4 IL ....They are not identical but they look almost exactly alike......I love thee babies!!!!!!!I cannot describe the feeling when I first saw the babies other than I just wanted to to hug and kiss them....I was so thankful to God that these babies were healthy and the mother was doing good..Also these babies are now birthday buddies of their delivering doctor!!!!
January 30 2000
The babies and mother get to go home tomorrow afternoon....I will be doing the night shift this week
Feb 1 2000
The babies and mother are home and all are doing well...I will be up the next few nights taking care of babies from midnight till morning....will be very interesting!!!!
February 17 2000
The babies are doing great!!!!! They are both well over 6 lbs nearing the 7 lb mark...they have each grown an inch each....They are really good babies and I enjoy watching them together....I like to lay them in the same crib and watch them....they seem to watch each other and talk to each other....then they trade am going to set up another site and link to here so I can have a journal for them and have pics as they grow....I will get to that as soon as I can but right now I am reaklly enjoying spending time with them....but I will do it soon so I do not forget!!!
Click to see pic of the babies