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OK....this is something like a journal that I decided I would like to do to document what I am feeling as my only child and son goes off to Basic Training.....I am going to make an entry in here each day until he returns.....

Here is a little background........ He was married earlier this year and attends college. He joined the National Guard and he will be gone for 8 weeks to Basic Training and then another 8 weeks for his AIT training.......He will be at Ft Sill Oklahoma and then on to Ft Leonardwood for the last 8 weeks......My husband and I both have full time jobs and my daughter in law will still be attending college and we probably will not get to see him until this is all over......

January Entries
February Entries

March 1 1999
Notice the is March and we leave in 15 days...It is going to be so much fun and so good to see my son...I am sure they are keeping them busy now...when he called yesterday it was kind of hard to hear because there were all kinds of people yelling in the background...when I asked who was yelling he said one of the platoons had just got into formation and the drill sargeant was chewing out some was really loud and I know if I was there I would be a nervous wreck from all the yelling...He said the first thing he wants to do after the pregraduation party is to go to Burger in mind that this will be right after we eat at the party...and I know he will order a whopper with mayo and ketchup...some things never change
March 2 1999
14 days and counting....the first leg of this adventure has gone by pretty quickly...after basic it is on to another place for 8 weeks...he will be back home right before his 21st birthday...I can tell in his voice that he has matured more and has more confidence and self esteem...he called to let me know that they are sending paperwork that needs to be filled out...he said that they had their last PT test today and that he did 73 pushups in 2 minutes...68 situps and ran 2 miles in 13 minutes...that is really good if you ask has always been the kind of person that the more exercise he gets the better he performs in anything he does...and he is a lot more relaxed...hmmm maybe there is something to that...I am sure there is so that is why I am going to plug in my treadmill and start using have asked him to go to officer training but he says he does not want to do that at least for now...he would have to be gone another 12 weeks and he has not been home since the first of Jan. and he has not been married very long and college is still waiting for him...he will be a junior when he returns in the fall and is a criminal justice major...time is so precious and it is really flying by...
March 3 1999
I have my granddogs for a few told them a story about their father tonight...LOL...they just sat and listened to me like they really knew what I was saying...the I took them to burger king for burgers and then went and got them new collars!!!...they have got it made let me tell ya...have not heard from the young soldier guy today...they said that they would be busy until the last week...I cant hardly wait to go see him...
March 4 1999
I bet that everyones spirits are rising cause they can see the light at the end of the tunnel...I am not sure how men are but I would be kinda sad in a way that the guys I had been with were probably all going different ways and whether they realize it or not they have touched each others lives with memories that they will never forget and I would wonder about those people from time to they are...are they happy, healthy and did I do something positive to influence their lives...In many ways it is high school all over again only in fast forward...I wonder if that last night they are in their bunks if they will think about that...OK OK OK ITS TIME FOR THE TWELVE DAYS OF GRADUATION...lets get on with it...lets all sing...on the first day of almost graduation my mother brought to me...a letter filled with news from home
March 5 1999
On the second day of almost graduation my mother brought to me...lots of pictures of the ones I love... and a letter filled with news from home....LOL...did not hear from him not know what he is up to lately and havent received any letters either so I know they must be really busy...I guess we did pretty good raising this young man...There were many times of sacrifice and heartache but I guess that is just part of being a parent...How sad that some children do not have any kind of guidance and no one to cheer them on...One time he had to write an essay for school in the 6th grade about someone that influenced your life and he chose his soccer coach who he was lucky enough to have, this coach also played an important part in his life and helped him learn how to win and lose gracefully because life is not all victories...and I think that they were also good always wonder when you are a parent if you are doing the right thing for them, at least most mothers
March 6 1999
I got 2 phone calls today from him...he will get to spend the 18th with us also...and then he flys out the 19th to Ft he will get a good break there in between...While he was talking the guy next in line for the phone kept yelling so loud that it was hard to son told him hey man I can't hear when you do that...I heard the young selfish immature boy say well it is nothing to me it is your time...then I heard my son tell him he was an if you look at it from another point of view you might think that this guy probably does not have anyone that truly cares about him and he probably is so insecure that he has to behave like that to get some attention even if it is the wrong kind of attention...that is one thing my son has said several times...that there is a lot of people like that there and that some of them are really getting on his nerves...OK OK time for song...On the third day of almost graduation my mother sent to me...a bottle full of patience...lots of pics of the ones I love... and a letter filled with news from home...
March 7 1999
Received another call today and he is getting really anxious to get this over with...They will be camping for 4 days and 3 nights...they were issued their chemical warfare suits so this trip sounds like it will be loaded with fun...It is really cold here and I hope the weather in OK. is better...I am going to write my last letter tonight to mail tomorrow so he will have something to read when he gets back from the field...that is if he can keep his eyes open long enough...On the fourth day of almost graduation my mother sent to me...A barrel full of hope...a bottle full of patience...lots of pics of the ones I love and a letter filled with news from home...
March 8 1999
We leave in 8 days!!! They got to go to the mall yesterday and what did he do????....LOL...he was excited that he got to eat at McDonalds...He usually ate there at least twice a week and it had been since Jan. 6th ...was a real treat for him...most times you take things for granted and never miss them until they are gone...I told him yesterday that no matter what stay in the tent...I told him that I heard they put whoppers outside of the tent and blow the aroma in and if you came out they captured always helps stressful situations I when he is sitting in that tent he can think about that and hopefully keep his sanity...On the fifth day of almost graduation my mother sent to me...Words of Inspiration...a barrel full of hope...a bottle of patience...lots of pics of the ones I love and a letter filled with news from home...
March 9 10 11 12
I was out of town for a few days and did not get to post here...I got home and about 30 minutes after I got here he called...and informed me that we leave in 4 days!!!...woohooo...He said their field exercises were very interesting...they received training in chemical attacks as well as ambushing...they were attacked several times and they did not get a lot of sleep...he got to be the radio man and got to communicate alot with the commanders as well as the other soldiers...He also got to get training with the M60...I think he said M60 but dont hold me to he said it weighed about 80 lbs...After they marched 12K to get to their position they had to set up camp and dig their trenches and bunkers...He said his was about 10 ft by 4 ft and 2 ft and your battle buddy had to dig your own...and they were dug with those little shovels that they carry in their packs...He said it was very cold and one night he was in that 10 by 4 hole for 11 hours and thought he might have gotten frostbite cause he could not feel his toes...but he is fine...and very excited that we will be there soon...I remember digging in my flower garden or planting a could not get him to dig a hole for that...but in the back yard he and a neighbor dug a hole one time that was about 4 feet wide and was deep enough for them to stand in...about 4 feet deep...they were about 6 or 7 years old...and then they dug little crawl thru places to get to another hole the same size and had lumber layed over the top of it in was really very interesting...and of course they had all their GI Joe guys out have never gotten those holes level since cause a lot of the dirt went down the bathtub it was a lot of fun for them and I enjoyed watching them be creative...Bet he never thought he would be digging another one when he was the eighth day of almost graduation my mother sent to me...the worlds biggest hug...a sense of accomplishment...a big dose of pride...Words of Inspiration...a barrel full of hope...a bottle of patience...lots of pics of the ones I love and a letter filled with news from home
March 13 1999
I am so excited I can hardly maintain my leave in 3 days...I expect to hear from him tomorrow...the other night he said about all he had to do Sunday was iron his clothes(?????) and clean his weapon...I cant believe he actually irons his clothes...that young man has never touched an iron...if I would not iron he would wear them wrinkled to keep from the ninth day of almost graduation my mother sent to me...a reminder to thank God...the worlds biggest hug...a sense of accomplishment...a big dose of pride...Words of Inspiration...a barrel full of hope...a bottle of patience...lots of pics of the ones I love and a letter filled with news from home
March 14 1999
Day after tomorrow we will be leaving...It feels like it has been a long time coming but on the other hand it feels like just yesterday when he left...We did not get to hear from him today...maybe they had special exercises planned for them since it was their last week end there...They might have even gotten to go to Mickey D' the tenth day of almost graduation my mother sent to me...A rope to hang on a couple more days...a reminder to thank God...the worlds biggest hug...a sense of accomplishment...a big dose of pride...Words of Inspiration...a barrel full of hope...a bottle of patience...lots of pics of the ones I love and a letter filled with news from home
March 19 1999
Honey I am this has been a wondeful week...went to graduation and had a marvelous was very good to see him and I was very impressed with the behaviour and manners that these young men displayed...and I also had a wonderful surprise for him...but first I will write about the journey...we arrived at Lawton aka Ft Sill about noon on we went and found his barrracks and sat in the parking lot and just hoped to catch a glimpse of him...and to our surprise they all looked alike!! we were sitting there and I was wondering how long it would be before someone told us we could not do took about 45 minutes before one of the drill sargeants came out and asked me m'am can I help you...and I said no thank you...and he said oh I thought maybe you were waiting on someone and I said no we are just watching and observing...he said well ( and he was very very nice) visting hours will not be until 3pm the following day...and I said oh ok...does that mean that we can not just sit here and watch? and he said well it is kind of a distraction cause all the guys were wondering and looking to see if it was their families...and I said oh problem we will be back we left then and went to the fort museum...ok then the next day we came to the base at the proper my son was out there waiting for us and walked right up to us...and he looked so handsome in his BDU's...that is there daily outfits...and we visited and then they had demonstrations of their typical day and of what kind of training they had was all very interesting...and we got to visit the barracks and see his bunk and locker etc....then we had to go to the Inn where the reception dinner was and the soldiers had formation...then the whole battery marched to the Inn..and that was awesome...all the families lined the streets and it was about 6 blocks to the could hear them getting louder and louder as they approached...there were 178 men in the battery and they did their cadences and had their flag bearers etc...hearing all those young men shouting together and their drill sargeants doing their cadence was the best part for me...I could have watched it all day...and to my surprise I picked out where my son was and got some really good pictures...ok then we all had dinner together and they did some making fun of their drill sargeants etc....then we signed him out and he got to go with us but we had to have him back by while he was changing into his uniform that he had to wear to leave base I thought I wonder when he HAS to be at his new installation since he was scheduled to fly out at 620 the next I went into the offices and found his sargeant and i said SARGEANT!! kidding but I really did go in there and ask when he HAD to be there and he said I am not sure but let us go and he and I went to find his orders and he said he did not HAVE to be at FT Leonardwood until midnight Saturday that would have been a whole day at least earlier than he had to be there and he would have been sitting I asked the sargeant if we could change his flight and let him fly home with us and then I would have him to his new installation by the required reporting time...which is only approx. 4 hours from he said ok let me see what I can we took him back at 4AM and then saw him again at graduation at 10AM...the sargeant came and found me and told me it was go!! we got to bring him home for about 37 long as he did not drive smoke or drink during those hours...he got to sit on the front row at graduation...and I was wondering why did they have an empty row between the first and second rows of soldiers...then I looked at the program and I knew...there were 16 soldiers out of 178 that graduated with honors and they got to sit on the front row and he was one of them...they were honored because of their dedication loyalty teamwork leadership and attitudes...he also was the top scorer in Physical Fitness in his platoon and was number 10 out of 178 in the whole battery...he received expert in hand grenade throwing and sharpshooter in shooting...OK then so the moral of this story not be afraid to ask!!!will write more tomorrow or Sunday...I am exhausted and need sleep........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
March 21 1999
We took him to Ft Leonard Wood last night and I is why I did not go to take him to basic...but at least the drive is a lot better and it only takes 3 1/2 hours to get there...So the last leg of this adventure has started and he will be home soon...We had a lot of fun with him this week and was very nice to see him...he called this morning and said that AIT training was going to be nothing like basic training...they had already received a 4 hour base pass...I think he will have a lot more freedom now and I am sure our phone bills will really be
March 22 1999
Did not hear anything today...there was something kinda funny that happened when we were in Oklahoma....he was sleeping and he sat up in bed and said "MORRIS!" and his wife and I looked at each other and she said what? and he said MORRIS! again...then he layed back down and went to sleep...the next morning we asked him about it and of course he thought we were kidding that he had done we werent...he said that Morris was his battle buddy...LOL...bless his was funny but I guess it is not really...
March 24 1999
Well I guess his class has started, we have not heard anything from him and if he had to do another hold over week he would have been able to call...I hope his class started, if not he will be away an extra week...When he called Sunday he was surprised at how old the facilities were at Ft Wood versus Ft Sill...Ft Sill was very nice and the barracks looked as though they were fairly new...anyway here are some pics of our time at graduation at Ft. Sill...and I have to go out of town AGAIN tomorrow but will be back the next day and hopefully he will get my letter and I can drive an extra 75 miles or so and visit him for a few hours...that is if he can get a pass....ok here it is...Click here
March 26 1999
I am home now and we still have not heard from him...hopefully Sunday he can call and let us know he is alright...I am getting a new puppy Sunday and I am going to name him Private Morris.....LOLOL...for his battle buddy....Well I miss my son and am wondering if I am going to have to call his sargeant and let him know he should have more phone
March 27 1999
Well he called today...he had an "on base" pass for 7 hours...he sounded very well...they do not get phone priviledges during the week...(dont know why)...he said he had KP duty tomorrow so he would probably not get to call...he also said that Ft Wood was a lot more run down than Ft Sill...and was surprised at how relaxed it was there...he said that it was hard to tell who was a drill sargeant...on his first day there one came into the room and talked to him and he did not know until later that he was a drill that one of them always tried to sneak around and catch people doing something wrong...he is on the top floor and he said that there is a ledge outside around the building and this DS will get out on the ledge and look in.....LMAO...and that he goes into the bathroom and goes in a stall and sits and listens to everyone...LMAO again...their class did start and he will graduate May 6th and hopefully will be home that day...wooohoooooo...he will not get an off base pass until his fifth week...and that is just 5 days before he graduates...he said that he wishes they were a little more strict so they would have a chance to earn extra priviledges...there is also a woman DS there and he said that she always acts like she does not want to be there and does not show up most of the time...sounds like she really earns her money...Anyway that is about all he said and was good to hear from him...I asked him about this mess that Clinton is trying to mark his history with and he said that they have not heard anything about going over there...but it would not surprise him...I could only hope that Billy CLinton would read this and realize that we know what he is up to...I feel very deeply for the people who are being tortured however I personally feel that if we are going to do something do it right, dont just throw a few bombs and then say oh we tried...I support our troops all the way but I do not support Clinton and do not trust or believe him at all...we just can not solve everyones problems with so many problems of our own here in this country....also while a lot of UNDERPAID service men are lining up to get their food stamps...the so called president is having sex in the oval office...he just makes me ill...all he is doing is trying to get his name in the history books for something other than a rapist...and they should have impeached the ******* while they had the my own humble
March 28 1999
Havent heard anything at it seems like a long time from weekend to weekend......that is the only time he can call if then.......but we are working on 39 days now...another guy from here is supposed to be at ft wood maybe they will run into each other...they graduated high school together....hope they do meet up...
March 29 1999
38 and counting is hard to type tonight cause Morris the new pup wants to type lick the keyboard...and my fingers...anyway...I am going to take some pics tomorrow of the dogs and send them to my son...I got bonnets for the girls and Danile Boon hats for the is going to take some time getting them to pose but will be worth it...talked to my son for about 2 minutes today...i think he told them he had to use the phone for some reason and just had time to say hello and ok this is Morris typing now... njlkjhjghgbnnmmmm, mnnm b n nb v.....ok bhnnnnnn bnb mmm,,,,,,.mnm . anyway cant wait for him to get home....
March 31 1999
My thoughts are with the families of the 3 soldiers that are missing....what is going on is very sad that clinton does not have any experience with fighting for your country...we are not God...and when is killing right???I am just about sick of all this and hope and pray that it ends soon....clinton will have us in another vietnam soon and the draft will be back...I pray that the soldiers are found safe and if they have been abducted I pray for the people that have them to act like human beings and not animals...I know my son is probably wondering what in the world is going on...he said Saturday when he called that they can not read newspapers and what they know they have been told...
April 2 1999
I have been worried about all this unrest...I do not have the answers to all the problems in the world but then I feel that we should not be taking on all the problems in the world either...I was very upset when I saw the pictures of the 3 soldiers on TV...I pray nightly that they will rturn safely and can withstand what they must be going thru...clinton was against the VietNam war...I better not get started on him...just say that he makes me ill when I see him on TV...literally daughter in law is going to Ft Wood this weekend and will hopefully get to spend about 4 hours a day with my son...on base...she has relatives that have a hotel about 19 miles from there so she can stay there and he can call if he gets a pass...anytime is better than no time...he said that there is a lot of talk still about ground troops...from what I understand they have been in the plans all along but clinton is trying to build support before he does it...we need to get him out of the WH before there is another world war...he simply has NO credibility in the world and playing with other peoples lives is how he is trying to get it back...
April 3 1999
Happy Easter!! It is a happy Easter BUT it is not the happiest...I had some visitors tonight to come and tell me that my husband was in an accident....a lady rammed his truck in the backend and totaled even broke the backglass...the bed rammed up into it and it looks horrible..he was wearing seatbelt and has a starined back and neck...the other lady was not wearing seatbelt and she buested her windshield with her head and was bleeding etc...she is ok and went home from the hospital...we were there for 4 hours...funniest thing was he had an empty 5 gallon bucket in the back of the pickup and it landed behind the ladies car standing perfectly straight as if someone had set it there...I will have to take pics tomorrow to send to my son...he is not going to believe it...he got a 5 hour on base pass today and got to see his wife for a little while...he called me month from Tuesday and he will be home.....I HOPE...
April 7 1999
It has been a while since I posted here....have been really busy with insurance etc. ....Anyway my son is doing well although he is still very homesick...I can understand that cause he has been married only since June 1998....My daughter in law is going back up there this weekend to see him for a few hours...they asked me to go but I just can't...I would want to bring him home and that is not possible right now and I would cry and know I am a baby...but I feel that they need some time together alone since their marriage is still so young...and I do not want to take any time away from them....time is a precious thing....anyway he started training to drive 18 wheelers this week....they did dump trucks last week...It is less than a month now and he will be home..again I hope...I have calmed down a little about the Kosovo situation now and what those people are going thru is horrible...and I think about the troops over there and the 3 men that are being held...I know their families are nervous wrecks...sometimes things happen that you do not understand...
April 9 1999
Well we now have 26 days and counting...he seems to be doing pretty good...although their passes were revoked for this weekend...some people in the platoon were horsing around and a soldier fell and hit his head suffering a mild when one gets in trouble they all do...he has leaf raking duty this weekend...I think he is getting a lot more rest here than at basic...or so he seems to accept the fact that he needs to rest instead of staying awake all night writing letters...I will just be glad to get him home...
April 11 1999
24 days to go...did not hear from him this weekend....I think their phone priviledges were revoked for the weekend also...So I really do not know much about what is going on...I want him home...
April 13 1999
Still have not heard from my baby...I do not think he is getting my letters.....It wont be long now ...I just want him home and have him start his life again....
April 15 1999
I am so scared....Drudge is reporting that the pentagon is going to ask for 30,000 national guard soldiers....this is unbelievable....I have not written to my son very much cause I do not want him to know how upset I really am...I feel that the family has to stay really upbeat about it all so we can keep him in a good frame of mind...Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be happening...Even if his unit is not called it is emtremely upsetting that anyones unit is called...Just one casualty is too many...Everyone that reads this please pray for our soldiers and for the leaders(??????????????????) of the countries to wake up and grow up....
April 17 1999
He called was really good to hear his voice....he sounded pretty good...and he said he has 18 days counting maybe we will make it through this....he thinks he has pink eye...evidently some people got it and did not go and get any medicine for it and it has he is going to get some medicine from another guy who did go and get some...he had KP duty again today which in his words "sucked"...he was not aware that the pentagon was asking for 33000 air national guardsmen and when I told him he said that did not sound good...I keep hoping that they will all come to their senses but I really do not know if that will happen....anyway he will be home really soon!!!!....
April 18 1999
He got to call me again today....I thought he would have more freedom at AIT training but least his platoon is not...he said that they stay busy during the week but just sit around on weekends if they do not get a pass...or have days tomorrow...he asked if I could come pick him up if his wife (who just started a new job) couldnt and I said yes I will have your butt in the car so fast they wont know what happened to do not get to watch TV or know a whole lot about what is going on over in the Balkans...their phone time is still restricted...I wonder if they usually get more time to call home when there is not a war going on...maybe they do not want them to know much...He said that he is playing soccer...they have an intramural league where they play one game a week....they get out of other duties for is ready to come home...I could hear it in his voice...he did say also that most of the guys in there do not like their recruiters hear alot about what will happen in training but it is not like being there....Remember to say a ton of prayers for our people in uniform!!...
April 19 1999
15 days and counting...I know this has been a LONG 4 months for him and also always knew he was a special kid but now I really know it...Even after he graduated high school we still had our little differences of opinion...but thats my job...the one thing I had to learn was how to let go and trust that he would make the right decisions for him...even if I felt they were the wrong motherhood does not end when they grow is kind of like when you plant your flower garden and wait for the seed to sprout...then after it grows you can start to really enjoy the beauty of it...does that make sense??
April 22 1999
Did not get to make any entries for 2 days because server was out of I am back son called me tonight at work....they were granted about 15 minutes on the phone...He said he is doing well and also that he would be home in 12 days...he asked me if I had heard about all the money that congress had approved for the *conflict* and about the ground troops...I told him yes and tried to change the subject because I did not want him to know that I think he will have to go...I cant hardly waaait for him to get home...It will be so nice being able to drive across town and see him or call anytime...I think that is one of the several things he misses...the phone and the TV...I think it might be called remote control
April 24 1999 the phone bill today....biggest yet.....$329.00....he called tonight and is really counting the days....I asked him if he ever thought he would not make it thru the 4 months....he said he just felt overwhelmed cause it seemed like time was going by so slowly....also he was a little tiffed at the recruiter who he said told him basic was 8 weeks and it was 9...then you had your reception it was really 10...he said he also told him he would get weekends off at AIT and he has had 1...not allowed to have their cars like he told other than that he was right on the money...I read that M. Albright is Albanian descent...her grandfather was killed over there some years ago during fighting...I found that very interesting...also found out that the serbs say it is not doing any good to stop the fighting cause when everyone leaves again they will start killing each other again...they have done it forever and it is just a part of their life...go figure...cant wait for Doyle to meet his new brother...Morris * the puppy * asked him if he had to wear his high pants home and he said yes...that is their dress uniform but they have to wear their pants up high on their waist, actually above it is still a very impressive site I think to see them in their dress uniform and their little wallet wondered why he always put 2 fingers parallel to his nose when he put his hat on and that is to measure how far down on your forehead it goes...
April 26 1999
My daughter in law got to go up and spend the night this past weekend....she said that he is not sleeping well...he will sit up in the bed and say something off the wall...I told her I bet he is just so worn out and stressed out from being gone for 4 months....and that it will probably take him a few months to wind down after he gets home...A week from Wednesday!!!...LOL...I am singing the star spangled banner as I type this...geeeeez....We received a video today of the basic training graduation....I think that is why I have that song in my head...It was pretty neat...showed their various phases of training they went through...such as PT...marching...weapons...gas chamber...etc...was kinda interesting...I am going to save it for my grandson or that may be...
April 27 1999
WOW I remember back in January when I thought that May was so far it is just right around the corner and so is the homecoming...A week from tomorrow...I will be able to get some rest after he is should be doing their last bit of training and then will start the processing of the paperwork by the end of the takes that long...he said during the reception week when you first get there and then at the is a lot of hurry up and stand in line...but all in all I think the the military does have their act is just that they do not have a commander in chief worth spitting on...ooops where did that come from...LOL...I think that a lot of the guys are getting together this weekend for the last time...he said it was hard to believe that he will probably not see those people again...
April 29 1999
ARGH!!!!He called tonight to let me know that he will not get to leave Wednesday after graduation.....he has to stay another night and finish his paperwork Thursday morning and will get to leave around noon his words he said it was just another way for the Army to screw him around but THAT'S OK cause I will be out of here said he has already started packing and sounded like he was really happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel...
MAY 1 1999
IT IS MAY!!!!!! and he will be home Thursday....he called tonight after I got off work and he had an off post pass so he went and got a hotel room and got some fast food and was just kicking back and watching television....a lot of the other guys also had passes and got rooms and were going to get drunk...he is still underage and it would be a shame if something happened this close to coming home so he just got a room by himself...I am so thankful for that...he sounded in very good spirits and was really excited that the servicemen in Yugo. were *hopefully* going to be is truly amazing what a little communication and prayer will do...that is what we need in a leader...I am not really sure exactly what is going on in Kosovo....they talk of propaganda in Yugoslavia but a since I have lost all trust in this administration I have to wonder what propagana we are being fed...If it is true that the KLA was guilty of also doing some ethnic cleansing and terrorist activity then they are all wrong...anyway my son will be home NEXT THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!
May 3 1999
It is the merry merry month of May...hurrah!!!!!!Talked to him yesterday...he spent the night in a hotel with the remote in one hand and doublestacks from Wendys in the other and he said the real highlight of his evening was when he got to walk over to a quick check and buy some sodas and a guy!...He said he will prob not get to use the phone until Wed. and he will call and let us know exectly when and where to pick him up Thursday!!! He is really excited as well as MOI!!!!
May 5 1999
WHEW...tomorrow is the day...I thought it would be fitting to post the first entry again to see how far we have here it is...
January 5th 1999
Well, he came by to say goodbye to me. I took the weekend off so we could spend time together. We went out and ate....played cards......went to the movies......ate some more....went bowling.....just fun things......I guess what I am feeling right now is bittersweet because on one hand I feel very proud and on the other hand I feel scared. I am praying that God is with him on his journey and keeps him safe. He is a very special man.....and he is still my baby. He is a very strong,intelligent and kind person, a kind of person that all mothers want their children to be. I know in my heart that this will probably be good for him. It seems like yesterday that he was learning to walk. mother always told me that they grow up so fast and now I believe her. Funny thing is I did not get sad when he got married, I guess that is because I love my daughter in law with all my heart. I am just a little misty eyed right now. I am also thinking....they better not be mean to him!!
back to today so long ago!!!!... I talked to him this afternoon getting all the end details...They got a 6 hour pass today and they all went to shoot pool...and then when they got back to the base they were all going to get to have a pizza party...I asked him if he was sure he did not want to stay one more he said haha very funny...he said that all the guys that were leaving planned on getting up 30 minutes early to hit all the other guys still sleeping in the head with pillows and tell them that they would not be there to do it tomorrow...30 minutes at 4AM in the morning is a lot of went and got 4 bandanas for the dogs to wear and on 2 I painted Welcome home Dad....those are for his 2 dogs and on the other 2 I wrote Welcome home Brother...those are for my 2 I also got some dog biscuit cookie cutters and am going to make chocolate chip cookies with still plan on writing in here from time to time...and I guess I will still go back and read what I have written periodically...I know that it has been an experience for all of us and if I squint my eyes real real REAL hard I can see the positive effect it has he will be here tomorrow and I thank God for keeping him safe and being with him through this whole experience...
Love Always... *MOM*
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