Ok, we have some wav-files to offer. Most of them are made by Chicado, but some are made by others.


Various samples:
Oh that's real impressive, marshall!
Now this is a silly wav-file!
You're gonna need a change of underwear, marshall!
I thought I told you not to play with those dang firecrackers!
God dang it Loke! Now you've killed me again!
Hahahahaha... Gotcha!

Scottish accent (sorta):
Now look who's laughin'! Hahaha...
I'll bleedin' get ya fer that one!
Winning? Who's talkin' about winning? I'm talking about fighting!
Ya bastard!
I sure hope that's a gun in yer pocket!

The preacherman:
I'll cleanse your soul with my guns!
Ye of little faith! You will die like all the other sinners!
Your doom is near!
Enlightment? I'll show you enlightment!
Hallelujah! We have a believer
May the Lord have mercy on your soul, sinner!
Pax vobiscum!
Have you made peace with your God yet, sinner?
Repent sinners!

The tenderfoot:
I say, care for some tea and bisquits perhaps?

All Chicado's taunts:

Dannes samples:
Du e tjock