~econoline crushed~

I'm hoping to compile a list of Econoline fans from all over!!! so if you're a crush-fan, send SUREFIRE your name, location, and e-mail address and hopefully the list will grow, crush fans will meet new crush fans and who knows? there may be a crush-head near you, and you'll know each other at the next EC show! Sparkle and Shine!

Econoline fans in Canada
Jaie - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Megan - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ally - Courtenay, BC, Canada
Jenn - Courtenay, BC - Canada
Sonja - Bowen Island, BC, Canada
Becky - Calgary, AB, Canada
Heather - Calgary, AB, Canada
Amy - Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Terrin - Virden, MB, Canada
Brodie - Virden, MB, Canada
Lisa - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Brett - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
"Seven" - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Chelsea - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Erin - London, ON, Canada
Tigger - London, ON, Canada
Sarah - Ancaster, ON, Canada
Michael - Leamington, ON, Canada
Phil - Ajax, ON, Canada
Heather - Oakville, ON, Canada
Emily - Saugeen Shores, ON, Canada
Katherine - Toronto, ON, Canada
Lora - Toronto, ON, Canada
Danielle - Toronto, ON, Canada
Christian - Toronto, ON, Canada
Gabrielle - Thetford Mines, PQ, Canada
Dominique - Montreal, PQ, Canada
Melissa - Peninsule Acadienne, NB, Canada

Econoline fans in the U.S. of A. (we salute you guys!)
Marcela - Seattle, Washington, USA
Jeff - Fenton, Michigan, USA
Jenn - Romulus, Michigan, USA
"KC" - Boston, MA, USA
Meegie - Jacksonville, FL, USA
DAVe - Columbus, Ohio, USA

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