Here it is... due to popular demand amongst Econoline Crush-heads I have created a trades page. If you have any EC stuff to trade, or stuff you want to get...live pictures, videos, (much music's SPOTLIGHT is much sought-after!!!) bootlegs, CD's, anything Crush please e-mail me and i'll post it up immediately. Include your name and e-mail address and what you have/want to trade and hopefully we can get things going here. If you have any non-crush goods feel free to post too!!!

I'll start...

I WANT: live pix of EC from anywhere and any video taped stuff.
I HAVE: EDGEfest 1998 pictures from Vancouver (most of Green Day...) and wicked pictures of Bif Naked from Forbidden gathering '98. I'll do $$$ trades too...and for anyone wanting the Purge EP I can get ahold of that easily.

I WANT: EC or I Mother EArth bootlegs or pictures!!
I HAVE: I have pics of both bands, and some boots as well. Also looking for Purge EP.

I WANT: Hi! i REALLY want any live videos of Econoline Crush!! *much spotlight in particular... but anything's fine!
I HAVE: I will pay lots of $ and i have LOTS of pictures of Trevor, Robbie and Ziggy from Edgefest in edmonton, and some from other places. please please please let me know if you have any videos!!! :o)