Driver side of the car with the new interior and roof.
Interior the first week after I bought the car. Interior before going to the bodyshop.

This page is about the interior of my car. Right now i do not have that many pictures of the interior. (At least good pictures.) After I had all the body work done I needed to get a new convertable top and interior. I did not know of any places that did interiors. There is this one place though in my town that I've seen before. So, I took my car there to get an estimate. The guy was telling me that his work would be custom seat covers and the roof would not look originial. hmm... I wanted the seat covers to be originial looking and the roof had to match what was original. I got the estimate from him and then persisted to look around.

Once again I went back to Bill, my bodyman, and asked him a few questions about getting my interior done. He told me to go to this place in Union on route 22 called Rayco. He said to mention that he told me about them and they would treat me really good. So, I went there with my car and asked for an estimate. They knew Bill and gave me an estimate. $600.00 for the convertable top including new padding and installing the weatherstripping that I have for it. The roof also includes a new glass window. WOW, that's a deal. They also said $600.00 for new seat covers, front and rear, a new carpet, and new rear armrests. I could not believe the price. The new seat covers match the stock ones too. I decided to get the work done there. I remember leaving the car there for around a week for the to do the work. Then a week later I went to pick up the car with my dad and I could not believe what I saw. The car looked beautiful, especially with the new paint not even a month old. The guys at Rayco said that they enjoyed working on my car and that it was a beautiful car.

Rear seat before the car went to the bodyshop. Passenger Side while the front end was off.

My dad and I then went home. I had to stop to get gas on the way home and as I did my dad came with me. He was telling me that every person I passed on the highway was staring at me because the car looked so sharp. I could not believe it! The car really looked that good? You do not notice how nice it looks when it's yours and you drive it all the time. I did not realize the full effect the car has when you drive it until I went away to college. There all I had were pictures of the car, the ones here on the web page. That is when I realized how sharp the car looks and how it sticks out in a crowd. That's cool..

to be continued...

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