Murray's Undead Army 
W E L C O M E    T O   M U R R A Y 'S   U N D E A D   A R M Y
Mortal fool. Join me, Murray and my undead army, or I will haunt you forever! I will the keys beneath the cusions of your own uphostered furnature, and never more will you be able to find socks that match! HMMWUAHAHAHAH! But if you join me in my never ending quest, we can walk among the living, and spawn a new wave of terror throughout the Caribbean!

Welcome! Murray's Undead Army is dedicated the new and all-powerful Monkey Island character, Murray. This is a fan page aswell as a club. Members of Murray's Undead Army will get access to the members page which contains lots of cool Murray stuff, including the "Murray Is The Skull Online Petition", screenshots, fun quizes, wave files and more! To join all you have to do is fill out a form, and receive the Murray club icon. For more information, please follow the link below.    

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