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-P-Funk Tour List-

Parliament-Funkadelic George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars

Bootsy's Rubber Band The Brides of Funkenstein Parlet Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors Fred Wesley Maceo Parker Miscellaneous Mutiny Original P Zapp - Welcome to the P-Funk Tour List. - It ain't complete yet and it probably never will be, thanks to p-funk's non-stopin' tours. But that was the thing that got me started in the first place - the unimaginable many dates they made. I heard people talk about "complete-tour-lists" with groups like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd. And I thought to myself: If there should be a "complete-tour-list", it should be of P-Funk. Cause it's close to an impossible mission. I hope it will give you much joy, and hopefully be of some kind of use. But for what- That's the question. I'm also linking reviews to the P-Funk Tour List, so you're just a click from a good review. Thanks to: Andreas Theisges - Dates, facts and reviews Carlo Wijnen - Dates and facts Case - Reviews Christopher Ensign - Dates and facts Clement Pappas - Dates, facts and reviews David Brooks - Dates, facts and reviews Jack Abney - Dates, facts and reviews Jacob Huebert - Dates, facts and reviews Jerard Julian - Reviews John C Adicks - Reviews Joshua Vaughn - Dates and facts J Sconi - Reviews Kirk Douglas - Dates Michael Evans - Reviews Mike Theiss - Dates, facts and reviews Nick Jordan - Reviews Richard Pause - Dates, facts and reviews Rich Kortvelesy - Dates and facts Ryan Mayhall - Dates and facts Shango Jamal - Dates and facts Shayne Davids - Dates, facts and reviews Tim Kinley - Dates and facts I couldn't have done this without you. Much love. Feal free to mail me if: - You know of p-funk dates or facts I haven't added. - You noticed a wrong date or fact in the P-Funk Tout List. - You have a review you want me to add. - You feel I missed something. Or if you have any questions at all. /Maxim

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