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Hello and welcome to my Allan Border's Cricket homepage. Allan Border's Cricket was one of the first cricket releases to come out, after the popular Graham Gooch's Cricket. It has been designed by Audiogenic Software Ltd in the U.K in 1993. It was designed for older systems such as the 286 and higher. Copies were also made for the Amiga and the Commodore 64. They also later made Brian Lara's Cricket and Shane Warne's Cricket for the PC and SEGA Mega Drive.

Here are some features in Allan Border's Cricket:

That was all from the back of the box of Allan Border's Cricket and having the full version 1.8 I can say that all of the above is true. But the graphics arn't as spectacular as Cricket 97 but they are still pretty good.

Here is an image from the cover of Allan Border's cricket:

Here are some screenshots from the game:

If you look interested in Allan Border's Cricket then why not download the demo for IBMs and 100% Compatibles? If you want to then click here. But you will need WinZip or PKUnzip to do so.

What you need in order for the game to run:

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Thanks for checking out this page, I hope you've found Allan Border's Cricket interesting. If you would like to e-mail me on more info or where you can get it the click here.