Besides being 1/2 Brazilian, I am also 1/2 German (and the other 1/2 American, go figure). So, in keeping with my Wurst-guzzling heritage, I bring you the Wurstburg tileset, loosely modeled on Frankfurt (home of everybody's favorite wurst) and Hamburg (which has some culinary fame of it's own).

Holy Leiderhosen, Batman! I've actually managed to finish this tileset! Every tile, except for power and a few industrials, is original!  I'll have to admit that it was all thanks to heavy use of Steve McGlen's Hamburg Tileset (and a few other odds and ends), with some editing and fusing on my part. Thank you Steve! The end result is a tileset with a nice, "germanic" look and feel. It is not an exact replica of any particular place, although there are a lot of Frankfurt buildings. Real german cities, of course, do not have so many cutesy half-timbered houses and have more mid- and high-rise buildings. The real Frankfurt has a ton of very modern, very exciting buildings in it, and I'd love to model them.... I still plan to do a few Frankfurt mega-structures for this set (probably replace the power tiles with them), otherwise I'm happy with this one until BAT comes out.....

     My own tiles (sort of..)
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SCURK Hall of Fame Winner - January, 98
(OK, so I'm not modest...)
Trade fairs are a big deal in Germany. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Frankfurt is home to the immense Messe Frankfurt GmbH - Frankfurt Trade Fair Center - consisiting of dozens of exhibition halls and office towers. The main tower, the tallest office block in Europe, is the MesseTurm, situated right next to the ultra-modern MesseHalle. *Note* The MesseTurm itself and the water fountains in front of the Halle are heavily retouched from a tile in James Griffin's Northern European tileset. Thanks for the inspiration! 
These are supposed to be various apartment buildings on a city block. I'm using this tile as the "Fusion Power" tile in my set becuase it is made from parts of three different Steve McGlen tiles fused together. The part that took the most work to do is the wavy building in the foreground, it was stretched out from Steve's wonderful rendition of a famous office building in Hamburg (of which I forget the name!). 4x4
More fusion... I used five different Steve McGlenn tiles to make this one, it's supposed to be a university. Hey, I needed something to fill up the college tile! 4x4
Hmmm..I think this tile qualifies as outright piracy. I just choopped the steeple off one London Church and jammed it onto the tower of another, all from Steve's London tileset. Once again, I need something to replace an Arco tile until I draw something original. Sorry Steve! 4x4
This is the Waldstadion in Frankfurt. Not bad considering this is the only picture that I had to work off of: 
Anyway, I think that this is the first REAL FOOTBALL (read soccer) stadium ever SCURKed!
Sometimes, creativity has nothing to do with pixel-pushing. You just have to know what tile to place where:
Firestation - nothing at all to do with a real German firestation, but at least it's red! I added the firetrucks to the front, that's all. 3x3
Police station - nothing at all to do with a real German police station, but at least it's blue! Here I did even less work..I added the German flag to the roof. ;-) 3x3
A subway station. I have no idea what subway stations look like in Germany, so I just made this up.  1x1
Here's a screenshot, just so you can see how the whole tileset works together:
DOWNLOADS:  Wurstburg.mif -  for Windoze (zipped). Coming soon: Wurstburg.pcx - for loading into a DOS .til file
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