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By Snitz
Guess Who???
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Welcome to the Chronicles of Raderie,
This is an ongoing (when I have time or when I'm bored) story?.. script?.. fun-fiction (that's better) about people that I have met on the net.. The depiction of the characters within this fun-fic does not in anyway depict the personalities of the real people who I've met on the net, I have only used their username/alias. If you are one of them, I don't mean to offend you mentally nor physically. This story was written just out of fun. If you want to draw any of these characters then feel free, if you send them to me I'll place a link to that character you've drawn.
Please see the updates section.
So far there are two stories so.. enjoy my fun-fictions.

First a little background on where the name came from.. These stories revolve around the place Raderie, it's a truncated word from Camaraderie. The Title Camaraderie was taken from C.A.M.A.Raderie, which is a site that has four people working on a manga. The owners are Cat, Ari, Minmei and AC, these people are characters in my Fun-Fiction. The other characters come from the message board and some I've met on the net. Therefore I guess the word "Raderie" is owned by C.A.M.A.Raderie and the other names within are owned by there respective owners.

Now.. just a small introduction to my story..

These stories consists of romance, danger, adventure, drama, sarcastic commments, violence and massive amounts of bad language.. such as grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Read at your own risk. You have been warned!!


The Stories so far.. The Characters
  1. A Small Town Called Raderie
    * This story is set in the present or future (depends on how you see it).
    * This is the main story.
    - There are 19 complete chapters.
    - There are 0 new chapters.

  2. The Land of Raderie
    * This story is set in the past, with swords and magic.
    * Please note that this story is a secondary story therefore it might or might not be continued.

  1. A Small Town Called Raderie
    - Characters/comments
    Contains character name and role within the story. - There are 24 characters within the story.
    - There are 8 characters yet to be added.
    - Snap Shots of Raderie :- consists of 16 pictures
    - Snap Shots by Guests :- consists of 7 pictures by guest

  2. The Land of Raderie
    - Characters/comments
    Contains character name, role within the story and type of weapon. - Snap Shots by Guest :- consists of 2 pictures by guest

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Please also note that this guestbook had three previous themes before it, my Sailor Jupiter Page, my Cir-Kel Site, my Small Town Called Raderie and now "The Chronicles of Raderie".. incase you were wondering what the other entries were about.. hope that wasn't too confusing.

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A Quick Note From The Author:-
This is a made up story consisting of names and some attributes that were made up by people on the net. This story does not depict anyone alive nor dead, any coinidence are purely accidental. Please do not write to me saying that I have breeched a copyright law, since everything within the context of this story has escaped my imagination and some of the events maybe link in cerain aspects to other material that I might have come across. In an event that it has some relevance to any other material then it is copyrighted to those people that have copyright ownership of that material. If you are reading this and it does not make any sense then please don't E-mail me since I don't know what it is that want from me, as I stated above this story was written just out of fun. If I have time I might even turn this into a comic/manga.. but don't quote me on it. Hope you enjoy it.

Camaraderie is owned by Cat, Ari, Minmei and AC, you can go to their site at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/2222 to check out what they do. This site is not affiliated with Camaraderie.

E-mail comments and queries to Snitz_4eva@hotmail.com


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