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Dear Tony,

I don't feel so good lately. I can't have a good time anymore. I feel rundown. Please help.

Tired Guy.

Dear Tired Guy,

Get a copy of "Some Girls" and put it in the cd player.


Dear Tony,

I have trouble in the romance department. The girls just don't pay attention to me. They just don't seem to care.

Pink Floyd Fan.

Dear Pink Floyd Fan,

Get a copy of "VooDoo Lounge" and put it in the cd player.

Dear Tony,

I find it a struggle to get by in life.  I don't understand why I can't meet any new people.  I mean I'm right there when all the trends come along and as soon as something goes "mainstream" I'm outta there.  

Alternative Guy.

Dear Alternative Guy,

Ditch the black clothes, Lose the blue hair and put a copy of "Let It Bleed" in the cd player.

Dear Tony,

My friends don't like The Rolling Stones.  I am afraid to admit they are my favorite band, what do I do?


Dear Confused,

Your friends are bone heads.  Put a copy of "Black and Blue" in the cd player.

Dear Tony,

What is the meaning of life?


Dear Sombody,

How did you get in here?  Put a copy of "Exile on Mainstreet" in the cd player.

Dear Tony,

Metalica rules, man!

Heavy Metal Guy.

Dear Heavy Metal Guy,

Metalica sucks, man.  Put a copy of  "Emotional Rescue" in the cd player.