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Happiness... Is Not A Fish
That You Can Catch
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*don't believe me on the spelling?
Check your (canadian) Naveed liner booklet!

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Mike Turner
(guitar, back-up vocals)

Duncan Coutts
(bass, keyboards, cello, back-up vocals)

Raine Maida
(vocals, guitar)

Jeremy Taggart
Our Lady Peace is - Mike Turner (guitar, back-up vocals), Raine Maida (vocals, guitar), Duncan Coutts (bass, keyards, cello, back-up vocals) and Jeremy Taggart (drums)

Band News

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Major Recent Updates (Last Updated Sept 24th '99)
Sept 21 updates to coincide with the release of Happiness! New articles and info everywhere!
Aug 30th songs 4-6 and MMVA alert
Aug 20th First 3 songs of track listing up
Aug 11th and 14th more tour dates
Aug 5th 6 tour dates
Aug 3rd Lyrics to the new song, Thief
Keep watching for new album info as it comes in!

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"[Raine] doesn't like [the sex symbol title]. He's very uncomfortable with that but people perceive what they want to perceive. Raine is a good looking guy which can be a little detrimental because I think he is a brilliant lyricist and I think the message of his lyrics sometimes gets obscured by the fact that people will read them with the script of him being this sex symbol boy. Not that there's anything wrong with being a thirteen year-old girl but I'm sure some of them are missing possible meanings of a song because they want to hear it as a love song and anything that [is detrimental to] the music to us is bad." - Mike Turner

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