Happiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch

Our Lady Peace's third effort, Happiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch, was released Tuesday September 21st in Canada and a week later in the U.S. on Sony Music (with an overseas release in early 2000). Keeping with the 'magic fomula', OLP have once again worked with friend and producer Arnold Lanni at Arnyard Studios. The title of the album, Happiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch, is derived from one of the lyrics in a new song, Happiness and the Fish. Saul Fox is featured once again as part of the album's artwork. Lyrically, many songs deal primarily with human obsession, and 'take the listener to some dark corners of the psyche'.
How will this album compare musically with the bands previous works? Technically? Commercially?
Blue means it's a rumor/possibility and Red means confirmed.

"When you get to your third record, you're starting to develop a body of work. For us, with Naveed, we were a band and a record that came out of absolutely nowhere. Then, Clumsy broadened the palette. Now that we're at Happiness ..., I think you finally start to get a complete picture of this band." - Mike Turner

Happiness... CD Cover
  1. One Man Army
  2. Happiness and the Fish
  3. Potato Girl
  4. Blister
  5. Is Anybody Home?
  6. Waited
  7. Thief 
  8. Lying Awake
  9. Annie 
  10. Consequence Of Laughing
  11. Stealing Babies - (featuring Elvin Jones)

Release History of Dates:
  • Writing since Oct. 1st/Recording since Feb 1st/Drum tones Jan 30th and recorded drum tracks Feb 2nd to 15th/Bass tone done Feb 16th and recorded for about a week followed by work on vocals/Mixing starting June 8th in New York
  • Album has been recorded and mixed (sometime before July '99)
  • 07/29 - currently filming the video for "One Man Army" directed by Mark Kohr
  • Happiness... Release Date - Tuesday September 21st 1999 Canada
    USA- September 28 
    Overseas - Beginning of 2000
    First Single - "One May Army" now on radio and on Much Music
    Important People: some confirmed Arnold Lanni - producer
    Angelo Caruso - engineer
    Gregg Keplinger - drum tech
    Elvin Jones - 73 year old Jazz and guest drummer (and one of Jeremy's heroes)
    Jamie Edwards - guest musician/new touring member - Boston-based multi-instrumentalist skilled in keyboards, guitar, zither, and the Chapman Stick 
    Singles: #2 - possibly Is Anybody Home? #1 - One Man Army
    SONGS not included on Happiness...  SOUND LYRICS
    Ordinary ~ From the video with the Christmas '98 PPU newsletter 964kb wav Real Audio Something's happening here / (Alone)
    Don't believe there's a face that you can't see / ? / (Alone) / Don't believe it's not you, it's not me, it's not hope, not free, it's an ordinary...
    Yourself ~ played at Summersault '98  212kb wav Real Audio ...you're a victim you are suffering and I feel so sad you can not explain the times that you left, you're down...
    Another clip from Summersault 192kb wav Real Audio N/A
    Breathless N/A N/A
    Sleeping In N/A
    Souls, although where we meet. This / Hose a lazy morphine. / But I, I'm stretching to see over / Your shoulders and over your priest / And paper cups and paper shoes / Give backs to me, but I see right through / And I know why you over slept / So gray, gray, slow rain. / I'm happier than you. / And I'm too high to follow through / Home, like the bed pan he needs. / And the hose that's not supposed to be / But I, I'm stretching to see over your / Flowers and Time magazines / Now I believe in what you do / The pain will cease / Well I know why you overslept / To be home, to be.

    "They have a rehearsal room  warehouse, where they are just working on different song ideas and different arrangements and different parts. It's the early stages. They'll go into the studio, probably in January or February. We'll see how the writing's going." (as of November 25th 1998)

    "We started writing in about, I don't know, November and since then we've pretty much assembled the material we want to be on the next record you'll be glad to hear I hope. We begin recording next week. It is looking good. We're really happy with the way the songs sound and we oughtta be able to make them a little bit more interesting in the process of recording in the same way we went from Naveed to Clumsy so we'll go from Clumsy to whatever this next one ends up being called." Mike in Cracks in the Pavement (as of January 18th 1999)

    (PARAPHRASED) they are finished the drums and are moving on to bass / all is going smoothly / they're ready to start teching/building/effects / Jeremy's hero, jazz drummer Elvin Jones, came into the studio to
       record some tracks. The band was blown away by the man's skill. Jeremy in Cracks in the Pavement (as of February 17th 1999)

    (PARAPHRASED) The band's been working 14-15 hours/day / Sounds like the best record they've made / Getting close to finishing the recording.
    Raine in Cracks in the Pavement (as of April 14th 1999)

    (PARAPHRASED) OLP are done the recording part of the record and are starting to mix today in New York / Album will probably have 'Happiness' on the front with 'Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch' on the back / Upcoming photo shoot for cover, which will probably again feature Sol Fox / First single is being decided between two songs - 'Is Anybody Home' and 'One Man Army' (they are leaning towards the second) / Seems like a step forward, not a Clumsy pt. 2 / touring will begin soon after the album's release in the beginning of September.
    Duncan in Cracks in the Pavement (as of June 8th 1999)


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