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These are somewhat organized by size, with the bigger more graphically designed pages near the top. Instead of summaries for each page, to avoid too much repetition, I have only noted the aspects of certain pages that stand out, or that you can't find anywhere else. If I don't have your site up here, e-mail me and I'd be glad to add a link for you.
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OLP at CDnow Amazon.com UBL MuchMusic 99.3 the Fox

ourladypeace.com ourladypeace.net

Kneel Down and Obey: Sherilyn's Our Lady Peace Page
Crystal's Barrett's Come Come Naveed Website tons of info
Is it safe?
The Birdman's Roost check out the new design
i just stare good original sounds and pictures
Starseed's Our Lady Peace site very recent
Our Lady Peace so well designed you'd think it were official! Fast loading too
OLP 4-Ever! great song explanations, dreams taken from Clumsy Congress and an ICQ archive
Drown in a Starseed A site from the UK
Under Zenith with a mailing list
Superman's Dead in Our Lady Peace's Minds
Burning Neon Vancouver meet up page, video explanations
denied excellent bio - both band and individual, discography, original pics
Julia's Temptation cool spite page, plus dreams, and other works by Mark Van Doren
F A L L E N ? nice design, lots of info plus quiz, postcards ect.
Lindseys Gigantor Our Lady Peace Page over 400 original pictures!
Sabrina's Our Lady Peace Homepage original pictures, good quotes
Sparkies Starseed
Our Lady Peace -Big Dumb Rocket nicely designed, not very recent
Climbing Down the Hours
Another Day Is Gone - D'Arcy's Our Lady Peace Page tons of original sounds, made by an american!
The Hollow Lense, an Our Lady Peace page cool java with a funny page on what the guys do in their spare time
Tribute to OurLadyPeace good individual bios
The Our Lady Peace Subway
It's Your Dream Not Theirs anti teeny bopper
OLP subway not very recent
Jaded and Clumsy long bio and lots of pictures
Stephanie's Our Lady Peace Fan Page some wav interviews
Starseed nice simple tabs
Propeller chat transcripts
Another Day is Gone Huge concert chronology with some reviews and setlists
Oh Canada! Our Lady Peace
Our Lady Peace - at its best recently updated, tabs, postcards
The Sighing Piper
The Bird Man's Our Lady Peace Site another fan who got to meet the band *sigh of hope*
Dave's Music Page
The OLP Carnival
Rhi_'s Our Lady Peace Site
The Doll Factory
kneel down and obey - A Tribute to OLP
Our Lady Peace
Brian's OLP page
Dirty Walls
Automated Flowers cool design,  Edgefest review
Shaking - An Our Lady Peace Page
The Star Shack
Areila's Our Lady Peace Area of Worship 3D cube pic
TRAPEZE: an OUR LADY PEACE page nice simple design and easy to get around
Soopergirls OLP Joint no teenies!
Kool Guy's Our Lady Peace Page
Superman's Our Lady Peace Page
You Will Be Safe In Here
Hope's Piano
OLP, IME tribute
Dumb and Jaded
Our Lady Peace - The Big Dumb Rocket another BDR :)
Superman's Dead
Jon's Our Lady Peace Page
Marsenia Haris's Our Lady Peace Page
Faris' Music Page
Pop-Up Book
Neon Crossing
Brakkar's Our Lady Peace Page
Helmet Head's OLP Site good design
Into The Dark...Is There Anybody There?
The Our Lady Peace shrine some mp3's
My God She Said... cool interpretations, CC awards 98
The bicycle show where the bicycles float a cool new site so check it out!
The OLP station includes lots of poetry
kneel down and obey
in search of souls
Bloodwalkerz OLP Page pictures
Music n More her concert experience
OLPIME fan page good individual bios
Canadian Music(including Our Lady Peace)
Eucerine's awsome page Summersault 98 pics
Yoga Class For Cats
Lady Flowers "Our Lady Peace" Page
Ozzie's Our Lady Peace Page nice graphics not much info
Car Crash Our Lady Peace
Something that tears me inside....
Carnival Of Peace
the Our Lady Peace shrine
Raine's Girl Kind of Raine oriented (could you tell?), but it also has band info
Em's Page Of Stuff
Are you trembling?
Matt's OLP Page a couple of broken links
neoncrosser's OLP page guitar tabs
The Carnival Grounds
Our Lady Peace Rules!!!
Our Lady Peace...Canada's best band? you decide!! good bios, pictures from wired for sound
The Radio Suitcase Homepage
Raine's Girl's Our Lady Peace Page
Niki's Insana Aylum! :) front row concert pics
OLP Site by Matt Koster
Pedro's Our Lady Peace Page
MaRCH_HaRe'S HoMePaGe!: Our Lady Peace nice long bio
Our Lady Peace Central
A Little Bit O' Canadiana
Oskar Website
Klumsy Kelly's Karnival
Faese and Mercuary's Our Lady Peace Homepage
brandon's olp page autographs
Our Lady Peace
How Far Is It To Peace? java photo album
My Music Page
OuR LaDy PeAcE LiNkS about 6 Links
Envelope of Earth~an Our Lady Peace Page~
Our Lady Peace Page
Steve's OLP Page
Helmet Heads Our Lady Peace Page
Our Lady Peace- The Story of 100 Aisles
Starseed's Galaxy
Starseed's Gallery
Michael Rex's Clumsy Page
Our Lady Peace Rules!
Great Canadian Smorgasbord proud canadian
OLP way station cool design with a buch of links
Yoga Class for Cats: An Our Lady Peace Page (Brandy's)
Semisonic and other bands i like (OLP) !
Starseed's page
neon crossing
Paul's Alternative Page
Our Lady Peace
Canuck Central(Our Lady Peace)
Over Under and On OLP commercial
Our Lady Peace
John's Our Lady Peace Page little american page
My Our Lady Peace Page
The Canadian Band List
Jess' Homepage - the stars are colliding
The K`ski's Our Lady Peace Page
Our Lady Peace
My Music Page
Dumb & Jaded - Our Lady Peace
Hell_Razar's Guitar Page hmm...things don't seem to work
Our Lady Peace nothing works anymore but it might get fixed
Rushing to Meditate

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