Our Lady Peace Quotes

If you didn't notice from the rest of my page, I happen to have a thing for quotes :). Hopefully I haven't mixed up any concepts or altered any meanings by clipping them like this. Enjoy, they are rather amusing!

"If anything it would probably hurt us if people knew how boringly normal we really are. If you want to look at our (tour) rider to see what we eat and drink you can, but do people really care about our personal lives that much?" - Raine Maida

"Most of the songs ARE almost ballads because a lot of them started on this record from acoustics." Pointing to Jeremy, Mike remarks, "As soon as HE starts hitting everything, it's like, 'Oh jeez! He's at it again!'"

"I've been able to do all those things I used to hear in my head when I was beginning in music," Maida says, "which tends to be more like those female singers with acrobatic voices. I've been able to implement that more on this record, so hopefully that'll keep happening as I get better as a singer." "...and slowly turn into a woman," cracks Taggart

"I'd rather people listened to the music than jump on each others heads" - Raine Maida (on moshing)

"I'm going to shut up so we can play as much music as we can for you." - Raine Maida

"But I can't really do all that low, miserable stuff," Maida laughs. "My voice is just too high for that!"

"[Raine] doesn't like [the sex symbol title]. He's very uncomfortable with that but people perceive what they want to perceive. Raine is a good looking guy which can be a little detrimental because I think he is a brilliant lyricist and I think the message of his lyrics sometimes gets obscured by the fact that people will read them with the script of him being this sex symbol boy. Not that there's anything wrong with being a thirteen year-old girl but I'm sure some of them are missing possible meanings of a song because they
want to hear it as a love song and anything that [is detrimental to] the music to us is bad." - Mike Turner

"With songs, whatever we hear in our heads, hopefully we can get close enough to that on tape," explains Maida, on the verge of adopting a conspiratorial tone. "With videos, what we see in our heads might be difficult to present because... a director always has their own kind of movie that they want to do."
"But, I thought you were open to interpretation..." I ask.
"Yeah, absolutely. But umm, shit," he replies, his voice trailing off.
"See, she caught you there but I think I got ya, I think I got your back here," chirps Turner, the band's resident philosopher. "The video, like Raine said earlier, really reinforces a single interpretation."

"We're not a band that comes in after a gig and pats each other on the back. It's very rare when we're sitting down and go, 'That was good.' Most of the time we get mad and don't talk to one another for an hour and a half." - Jeremy Taggart

"I think if Eacrett was still in the band, we'd all start to really get insular and try to do our own things personally and it would probably break everything up," says Taggart, with the diplomacy of a U.N. representative.
"He kind of shat..." begins Maida.
"Shat?" interprets Taggart.
"Shit! Shit!," Turner emphatically yells, employing his skills as an English Lit major.
"...Shit on the creative spirit of the band, on what we had on the first record," blurts out Taggart,
seemingly disinterested in the conjugation of the verb 'shit.'

Our Lady Peace are not exactly perfect angels when it comes to this interesting ritual. With a devilish grin, the guitarist fondly recounts a tale about a tour with Vancouver's Salvador Dream: "We put vaseline on his kick pedals, condoms over the microphones, and baby powder in the hi-hats so when he went to play them this cloud of baby powder filled the stage and didn't clear up for the next three songs! It was classic!" Just for the record, nothing extraordinary happened during their set that night. Maybe the band's paranoia surrounding the final gig was a prank, in and of itself.

    We've just had a bus change and Kevin (the tour manager) and Duncan (the bass player) are molten mad at Raine (the singer), Mike (the guitar player) and I. It seems we didn't help the poor fellas move enough gear! Well, I for one take this opportunity to apologize.
    Anyway, after that stuff was all finished, I started to get a little bored so I decided to take on the position of "stir it up guy" (a well-known figurehead posture) in the OLP camp and got into a small arsenal of fireworks that had taken residence in my bag (just in case of a rainy day). I then went on to show my wares to Raine and realized from the sparkle in his eye, I need not even pick up a match. I had an accomplice.
    We then needed a victim and Mike just happened to walk into the hotel room to use the bathroom (which is the world's best place to spark up one's peaceful moment with a lady finger or two, look it up if you don't believe me). Raine then took the opportunity to arm himself and foolishly try the "stuff it under the door after you light it technique." Next thing you know, Mike has barely sped up his natural bowel movement and Raine has the bells of St. Mary's ringing in his head with a black thumb to boot! Foiled!
    Luckily, Lonnie (our guitar technician) needed a fresh towel for the pool. We told him there was one in the bathroom (there wasn't), and this time Raine was armed with about 35 lady's on a string. He lit them and dropped them on his feet, burned his legs, then rolled backwards like an orangutan on crack while Lonnie watched laughing. I then ran from the room and hid on the bus whilst Raine tried fanning the smoke away from the fire alarm that had gone off. Foiled again!
    Next up came Duncan. Don't forget our friendly bass playing buddy is in a (very rare for him) sour mood. Raine collected the last of the little lady's and put them in a real Bronx bomber with the help of a handy dandy twist tie and while Duncan was on the phone, Raine cleverly (practice makes perfect) put the crackers in a paper bag next to Dunky's head. Seconds later Dunk comes running onto the bus screaming at the top of his lungs (we were the only ones that could hear him; he certainly couldn't.)

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