Our Lady Peace Videos

Since 1992, Our Lady Peace have made the following videos. The band members are always heavily involved in their concepts and editing, though they have said that the downside to videos is that it can limit the level of personal interpretation of a song.
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Out of Here
(if anyone has a copy or a clip of this on their computer PLEASE let me know so that we could work something out!)
Pictures from Out of Here
 An independant video done as a student project. Drummer Jim Newell is in this one, before Jeremy came along.

The Birdman
Pictures from the Birdman
George Vale

Pictures from Starseed
George Vale
NOTE: The definiton of Starseed is "the genetic mingling of humans and aliens"

Pictures from Hope
George Vale

Pictures from Naveed
George Vale
"We did a show, a small show with some fans and we would play a song, a few songs then do Naveed, then play a few more songs. It was really fun for us, just to be able to... it was very relaxing. And we just told George do what ever you want to do with the other stuff. In the end it came out pretty good."-Jeremy Taggart
NOTE: The characters on Raine's guitar are Persian for Naveed

Superman's Dead - Canadian Version
Pictures from Superman's Dead
George Vale
Filmed in a FREEZING cold abandoned Toronto warehouse. The boy in the video, Ryan, has his own band called 'Serial Joe'.
"This video is meant to have a dark side to it.  Even though it looks like an average video,  it is very serious.  It is about media manipulation." - Raine Maida
"We co-directed our `Superman's Dead' video (with George Vale). Most of the concept came from us. I was sitting with George basically the whole time when we were doing the conceptual stuff and in terms of the storyboard behind the lyrics." - Jeremy Taggart
NOTE: "Superman's Dead" was voted "Favorite Video." At the 1997 Much Music Video Awards

 Superman's Dead - American Version
Pictures from Superman's Dead
Ken Fox
"We did another one for MTV, only because Columbia Records down here in New York liked the first "Superman's Dead" video but they wanted to put more band footage in it and, conceptually, it didn't fit with the Canadian version. We felt it would compromise the integrity of it so we said, "Forget it," and we didn't want to kill the video and its meaning just for more band footage, and we just did another one." - Raine Maida

Pictures from Clumsy
Matt Mahurin (illustrator/photographer/videographer)
After the shoot, the actor in the video had to be sent to the hospital. The water heater broke and he ended up with hypothermia.

Automatic Flowers
Pictures from Automatic Flowers
Raine Maida, Mike Turner, Duncan Coutts and Jeremy Taggart
"We'll sit around and talk about the concept for a video and then explain it to a director. Then we'll get it on paper and everything looks fine, but it kept happening over and over that the final product was nothing, or it fell very short of the vision that we saw in our head. Finally, with "Automatic Flowers," we were touring the States, it was really hectic and we were talking to all these directors and thought, "This is just gonna happen again." So, we said, "Forget it. Just book us some time and we'll do it ourselves." And I think we're happier with it." -Raine Maida

"We've done enough videos now, especially for this album, that for this video, in Canada, we really just wanted tokeep things really simple, just us in our rehearsal room. So we had that concept,we wanted to include some of the artwork, and we were just sitting around talking about this and figured let's do itourselves." - Raine Maida

"Sometimes, with directors, it's a difficult task to get them to see what the band's seeing in their head, and there's a lot of compromising going on, so for `Automatic Flowers', just wanted to direct it ourselves."

"If you essentially need that (Edgefest sized crowd) to perform then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Soit's a pretty honest video I think that way. We didn't want a lot of edits. We didn't want something that lookedreally expensive. It's a very cheap video, compared to what we've been doing. It's just over $30,000. I don't evenwant to tell you some of the budgets we've just done. It's kind of disgusting." - Raine Maida

"We're just really excited about doing a video that, so far, the footage we've seen has been great. It's really about
people seeing us for what we are, without a lot of smoke and mirrors. It's either you like the band for what we do or
you don't."

"It's a plum simple one" - Mike Turner

* some pictures from the shoot are available from ourladypeace.com, here. *

Pictures from 4am
Tony Pantages
While in L.A. in early December, Our Lady Peace spent 2 rainy and windy days filming this video. The concept is a collaborative effort with Tony and OLP. Rumour had it that they were going to make another video for 4am, by choosing another director with an artistic slant on the song. This no longer looks probable.

One Man Army
Mark Kohr (director of many of Green Day's videos along with some Alanis Morissette)
Filmed around July 29th 1999 now released
One Man Army Video Shoot pictures from OLP.com

Just thought that this was funny, and would fit in...
Taken from Campus Canada (by Cindy Waxer/February 1997)
"With songs, whatever we hear in our heads, hopefully we can get close enough to that on tape," explains Maida, on the verge of adopting a conspiratorial tone. "With videos, what we see in our heads might be difficult to present because... a director always has their own kind of movie that they want to do."
"But, I thought you were open to interpretation..." I ask.
"Yeah, absolutely. But umm, shit," he replies, his voice trailing off.
"See, she caught you there but I think I got ya, I think I got your back here," chirps Turner, the band's resident philosopher. "The video, like Raine said earlier, really reinforces a single interpretation."

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