Welcome to our family tree home page which has been set up for us to find our family and not as a general surname tracing site. Over the past few years this site has been online we have found a good number of new family members. We are hoping that as more relatives view these pages they will recognise their family ancestors and contact us to have their names put into our family tree and to add further names and information to their own. The site is arranged so that family names connect to others with active links, however not every link has been entered. The main reason for this is that having the more recent family links will not assist us with our research and will just create unnecessary clutter. If you believe you are descended from one of these families or their branches, or you go back closer to their roots, please contact us. We know how difficult it is to trace ancestors and we are willing to share as much information as possible. At the last count our connected family trees contained just over one thousand, three hundred and sixty names, we would like to see these trees grow and branch out even further.

There are many professional and amateur sites on the world wide web where you can go to carry out research to help find your family ancestors and it is not only the direct assistance from these sites that is of benefit. Gaining contact with newly found relatives is great and speaks for itself, but finding like minded family rearchers who exchange ideas and help each other is also of great benefit.

If you are just starting out on your family research I wish you luck and I hope you are as fortunate as myself in meeting some wonderful new family and friends through your hobby. If you are an old hand at genealogy I would welcome any advice you may have to offer. I started tracing my family in June 1996 whilst on a visit to England from my home in South Africa. I have recently moved to Ireland so hopefully I can get back on the family trail again soon. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.

Thank you for visiting our pages, I hope you find something of interest to help with your family research, whether it be a direct connection or just an idea that springs to mind as you read through our pages.

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This first list contains surnames of our "Interconnected Family Pages", please click on a family name as required. If you entered the site using our index page and the frames are working correctly you will see these names in the contents list on the left. If you are unable to use frames click on "HOME" to return to this list.

Ainsworth, Beddows, Bell, Blackburn, Bracegirdle, Brown, Davies, Halewood, Hines, Jones, Kerfoot, Mutch, Neale, Oxton, Stanton, Walker, Williams, Wolstenholme, Wright, Wrigley

This list contains surnames of our other family names that have single connections to the above Family Pages, please click on a family name as required. Click on "HOME" to return to this list.

Anderson, Apps, Bealey, Bennett, Brown, Bruckshaw, Bull, Burrows, Clark(e), Clay, Crawford, Cummings, Dermody, Drakeley, Dunn, Fallows, Freeman Gatliff, Haley, Harrison, Hobson, Horner, Jolly, Jones, Kent, King, Lane, McDermod, Merredith, Mulligan, Nevill, Patterson, Prieston, Roberts, Roper, Sandiford, Statham, Stott, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Townley, Wainwright, Walton, Wheatley, White, Wilderness, Woolam, Wynn(e).

Please view my links page, I hope you find them useful.

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If you believe you have a connection to any of these families, or should you wish to share any information or ideas, please contact me.

Good luck with your research,
John Williams.

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