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KERFOOT, Thomas. Born circa 1790 in Lymm, married to Hannah Statham, date and location of marriage unknown. Thomas was a weaver, he died 29 December 1827 and was buried 1 January 1828 at Lymm Parish Church. Hannah was born circa 1789 in Manchester and died in 1850, she was buried 5 June 1850 at Lymm Parish Church.

Children of Thomas Kerfoot and Hannah Statham:-

KERFOOT, Joseph. Born 5 August 1812 in Lymm, baptised 1 November 1812 at Lymm Parish Church.

KERFOOT, James. Born circa 1814 in Lymm, baptised 30 July 1814 at Lymm Parish Church. Married Ann Gatliff 21 April 1834 at Saint Mary's Church in Manchester. James was a confectioner and in 1851 lived in the Deansgate area of Manchester, Ann was born circa 1812 in Manchester, they had four children that we are aware of.

KERFOOT, William. Born circa 1816 in Lymm, baptised 14 April 1816 at Lymm Parish Church.

KERFOOT, Mary. Born circa 1818 in Lymm, baptised 1 March 1818 at Lymm Parish Church.

KERFOOT, Edward. Born circa 1822 in Lymm, baptised 1 October 1822 at Lymm Parish Church.

KERFOOT, Hannah. Born circa 1823 in Lymm, baptised 10 October 1823 at Lymm Parish Church.

KERFOOT, Ellen. Born circa 1825 in Lymm, baptised 30 October 1825 at Lymm Parish Church.

KERFOOT, Alice. No information known.

Children of James Kerfoot and Ann Gatliff:-

KERFOOT, Joseph. Born circa 1835 in Manchester. Joseph was a gilder but no further information is known.

KERFOOT, Edward. Born circa 1841 in Lymm.

KERFOOT, Mary Ellen. Born circa 1845/6 in Manchester, baptised 15 February 1846 at Manchester Cathedral. We believe Mary Ellen was married to Jonathan Bracegirdle but so far have not found a marriage registration. We do know Mary's son John William had Jonathan Bracegirdle named as the father on his birth certificate. Jonathan and Mary Ellen lived at 89 West Union Street, Salford. Mary Ellen and Jonathan had one child that we are aware of. Mary Ellen also married James Hughes in the fourth quarter of 1891 in Salford, Manchestr, we have no further information.

KERFOOT, John. Born circa 1849 in Manchester.

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