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Passing a Bill How Public Officials Acquire Their Officies

K. Repealing or Abolishing a Law
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  1. Congress or the state legislature may pass a new law which replaces or repeals an existing law.

  2. Congress or the state legislature may repeal or abolish a law without substituting a new law.

  3. Ohio voters, by the use of the initiative and referendum, may repeal a law passed by the Ohio Legislature. Following a petition signed by the required number of voters the State will place on the ballot the law to which the voters are objecting. This will allow them to vote final approval or rejection of the law in question. (By the same process, voters may introduce a new law. This usually happens when lawmakers refuse to enact a law the people want.)


Laws may be ruled unconstitutional (contrary to the Constitution) by the Supreme Court of the United States or Supreme Court of Ohio.

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Passing a Bill
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How Public Officials Acquire Thier Offices

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