The Colour And The Shape

"The first time I've ever played that new wave drum beat. It was fun!"

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  • The Colour And The Shape
  • Everlong single (2CDs)
  • My Hero single, as multimedia video

    Is this what he whispers?!
    __ and __ were trying to nap at the house at 12:10. They (we,he?) 
    needed rest cause we were loud on Sundays. (You learn). He'd make us 
    .....separation, and some sleep. ... comforts me, and he does.
    I've waited here for you
    Tonight I throw myself in two
    Out of the red
    Out of her head she sang
    Come down and waste away with me
    Down with me
    Slow, how you wanted it to be
    I'm over my head
    Out of her head she sang
    And I wonder
    When I sing along with you
    If everything could ever feel this real forever
    If anything could ever be this good again
    The only thing I'll ever ask of you
    You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
    Breathe out
    So I can breathe you in
    Hold you in
    And now
    I know you've always been
    Out of your head
    Out of my head I sang

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