This shrine honors the most powerful being ever to reside in this universe.  His power is unfathomable, and his mind is omnipotent.  He can single handedly consume entire worlds and destroy countless lives.  Like any god, he can also create life.
He is Unicron.

Whats's New 9-29-00
Added a new Beast TOON, "Gigapoo," For fecaphiliacs only! ;)

Whats's New 9-15-00
Added a new Beast TOON, "Silverbaste," this one is great for kiddies, only two cyber-turds on the feces meter.

What's New 8-20-00

    Added a new Beast TOON, "Che-nis." This one is worth three big juicy technorganic cyber-feces.

What's New 8-2-00

    There are a couple more big changes to the Temple this week.  We have moved back to our old space on Tripod after Xoom failed one too many times.  The site seems much faster too. If any of you recall, the reason the Temple left Tripod in the first place, was that it was too small, now its not small at all.  Hopefully the increased speed and reliability will be a boon to all of you and make the Temple that much better.  The new address on Tripod is but luckily, our doman name still works perfectly, so use that if you can, its alot shorter (well a little)

    Also a new TOON, "What if Nightscream was a Girl" is up in the TOONs section. This one is a 3 folks!

What's New: 7-19-00

    Welcome to the Temple version 4.5!! The biggest news is that the Toy Review section is up, with a review and pix of supreme Cheetor, by Dusty. I'll have a review of Ultra Jetstorm up soon as well.  Most of the other changes are just fixes to blunders in 4.0, such as the frames using window percentage instead of a fixed size, and the NavBar being so damn big.  I also did some style cleanup with the frames (though you may need to click on "Temple Home" to see it right) as well as removing the Episode Reviews section (no need for it).  Also, i hope you all like the little dhtml intro... hope it works on your pc.  By the way. I suggest maximizing this window if you can.  Enjoy!

What's New: 7-16-00

    A new Beast TOON is up! Check out "Cheetor's Big Break" in the TOONs section.  Warning: Not for the weak!

                       -The Keeper

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