Okay, guys, I'm afraid I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news: due to lack of free time (school, finishing other sites, homework, field hockey, etc.) I've decided to close down S.T.A.R. temporarily. Meaning: we _will_ be back. Please don't think that I'm doing this because I'm tired of Sailormoon, or just don't feel like updating, because that's really not the case here. Once I can get things back into shape, S.T.A.R. will open once again.

The good news? When S.T.A.R. opens, you may not even recognize it! That's right, new format, new management (well, Usagi-star #2, that is) and new reviewers! I hope you'll look for the new us in October. I really, really appreciate your cooperation! I love you all! (Now isn't that corney?)