Review #2: Cooki0005's Sailor Moon Graphics Shop
Review by: Usagi-star
Content: ****
Originality: **
Technicality: ****
Overall statement: Very kawaii and well-designed; could use a bit more in terms of original designs.
(The maximum amount of stars is five.)
Hmmm...another free graphics site. I'm generally critical of those, since so many claim to be giving out high-quality stuff when it's  really icky junk they've put together on Paintbrush...but since the index page is very cute and looks like it was done on a good graphics program, I'm willing to go through and look at this site. ^_^ (Omigosh, and the counter is so cute! Where did you get it? ^_^)

The border backgrounds are all very pretty, but the designs aren't new...also, they don't look like they're seamless (meaning, you can tell when the background starts and ends). I would recommend making smaller, separate images for the thumbnails and linking them to whole new pages so you can see what the background looks like tiled on a page.

The border backgrounds are cute, but little more than faded images on a white background, but I can see that more will be added later. (BTW, you forgot the "n" in "soon" at the top of the page ^_^.)

The guestbook graphics are very large; I might not use them on my own page for that reason, but they are very cute and graphically beautiful, and there's also quite a selection.

The banner graphics are pretty; my favorite was the ChibiChibi one on the last page. ^_^ What graphics program are you using? It seems to do a great job. ^^

Oooooh, fonts...couldn't live without 'em. ^_^ I really like these compilations of popular and useful fonts, because I often see a font on a page that I adore but have no idea where to get it. Oooh, and it even has fonts I've never seen! ::downloads Kinkie ^_^:: Expect to see some of those around here soon!

The line separators are...ok...I suppose I'd like to see more like the last one, with the astrological symbol pattern as a line, rather than thin lines with a big picture stuck somewher on the line...but, as I always say, that's just me. ^_^

The buttons are cute ^_^ I like the pastel colours and images used on them - ones you don't see too often.

Ooooh, kawaii little game-animations! I love these too! And there's even one of Tuxedo Kamen - how kewl. They're all so adorable, especially Moon's and Chibimoon's ^_^.

Ooo, and you linked me! Thankee! ^_^

So overall this was a pretty and very complete page. I liked the graphics for the most part, and I think the thing you would want to improve on in the future is getting more original ideas for your graphic designs, and I'm sure the page will do well. ^_^

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